Are Kate Middleton And Prince William’s Families Feuding?

So it seems that Kate Middleton and Prince William, along with their own perfect little family, have inspired a bit of a feud between the royals and the Middletons. The families are reportedly getting a little heated over Prince George and Princess Charlotte and are now caught in a “new family war,” as the International Business Times claims.

A new report citing an apparent source close to the young royal couple indicates that Mrs. Middleton and Prince Charles have engaged in a tete-a-tete.

The International Business Times shares the source’s words.

“Kate Middleton’s mom and Prince William’s dad go head-to-head in a bizarre battle over their grandchildren. Though the royals seem to have a fairy-tale life, behind the scenes a war has broken out between the Middleton family and William’s parents,” the report stated, adding: “With hurt feelings on both sides, an estrangement is growing — and Kate is caught in the middle.”

Jealousy has reportedly been sparked over all of the time Carole Middleton is able to spend with the grandchildren, and Prince Charles is now speaking up on the matter.

In 2015, there were a handful of high-profile stories in the British papers about Prince Charles’ discomfort at…

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Additionally, the source goes as far to suggest that the next in line for the throne is ready to seek revenge about the exclusion he and Camilla are feeling, noting that Charles feels betrayed since he warmly “welcomed the Middleton family into their lives.” Revenge is reportedly being achieved by way of not including the in-laws of his eldest son in any royal events, but reportedly Carole Middleton is not swayed and is not “about to beg for forgiveness.”

The source goes on to say that Prince Charles and his wife Camilla Parker Bowles “feel excluded from Charlotte and George’s lives. Prince Charles is furious about it.” Unfortunately, the drama between Carole and Prince Charles has now drawn in their children and the royal couple, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, yet William is no fan of drama.

“William hates drama so he asked Kate to speak to her mother. Everyone hopes they can put this rift behind them for the sake of the kids… The last thing [Kate] wants is for the war to escalate.”

If this story, which was intially reported initially by an unreliable tabloid, sounds ridiculous, Gossip Cop shares that this is because it is completely ridiculous and untrue.

“There is no ‘rift'” going on. The Middletons have their life, and the royals have theirs. Sometimes they intersect, sometimes they don’t. But both sets of grandparents have rich presences in George and Charlotte’s lives.”

The tabloid, as GC reminds, has been responsible for fabricating stories about the royals on numerous occasions in the past, including one involving Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II. Life & Style reported that William’s royal grandmother was “angry” with Kate and her “out-of-control diva” demands. This feud was also debunked.

Additional rumors fueled by other tabloids have also been flying about in regards to Middleton and her own sister Pippa, who recently became engaged to Jason Matthews. The pair have been an on-and-off item for almost a decade now, and Matthews finally popped the question last month, which led to speculation about what Duchess Kate’s role would be in Pippa’s wedding. Pippa did make her grand appearance as Kate’s maid of honor at the royal wedding in 2011, yet royal experts stated that it was not appropriate for the Duchess to take on the same role for her sister. This caused numerous rumors about feuds over the wedding, and some even went so far to say that Kate Middleton did not even support the union between Pippa and James, due to James’ brother’s seedy reputation.

All have been proven false, and all remains well in the world of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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