Tina Fey Staying Put On NBC, Signs A Four-Year Deal With Universal

It looks like the comedic stylings of Tina Fey won’t be missed after 30 Rock comes to a close. Fey, who has proved that her presence is an asset to the peacock station is here to stay. Tina, who got her career start as one of the first women writers on Saturday Night Live, has decided to sign a four-year deal with Universal Television for future developments.

In Fey’s contract it is stated that she will head up new projects for the company with the potential to even star in one. This move comes right when 30 Rock is getting ready to air their seventh and final shortened season of the series, bringing the character of Liz Lemon is a close.

Although Tina Fey never set the bar high for the ratings, 30 Rock did prove to be a niche comedy and earned many Emmy awards and critical acclaim for its bold show within a show plot that often pulled punches at its home base, NBC. For three years in a row before Modern Family came around, Tina Fey’s sitcom earned Emmys for Best Comedy.

In addition to 30 Rock, Fey has done her job to stay in the media as an entertainer. The comedian even became apart of the media scrunity surrounding Sarah Palin’s role in the 2008 presidential election when she returned to SNL to spoof her. Fey also became an author for the first time and earned herself the title of having a best-selling book for her essay filled Bossypants.

This announcement comes right after another pivotal NBC alum, Donald Glover, also signed to continue working for NBC after his series Community comes to an end.

Are you excited to see what Tina Fey comes up with?