'General Hospital' Spoilers: Franco And Elizabeth May Be A New Power Couple, Touching Scenes Between Them Sends Fans Into A Frenzy

Love and romance are definitely abounding on General Hospital this week. If you haven't been paying attention to a particular couple on the ABC daytime drama lately, then you may be missing out, as viewers seem to be swooning over the possible coupling of Franco and Elizabeth. These two may just be the new power couple in the world of soaps.

It has been a slow-starting romance, and even though Franco and Liz are still not officially a couple just yet, it looks like they will eventually be together soon enough. On Wednesday's episode of General Hospital, there was enough chemistry between them that made many viewers explode with excitement. However, Elizabeth tried to stomp out the flame before it flared any further, as noted by SheKnows Soaps.

After Franco found out that it was Liz who cleared him from being the hospital serial killer, he hid in the back seat of her car to thank her, as that is his own creepy way of doing things. While he was hoping to take their relationship further, she told him that she was pretty sure that it wasn't going to work between them because of his past.

Franco told Elizabeth he was doing his best to change and that she was the one who was giving him hope to do that. He called her his angel. These scenes between actors Rebecca Herbst and Roger Howarth were being praised by fans on social media, especially when Franco got all emotional as he told her that he thought she would be the one who would see him differently.

"I thought you might be my salvation. You might be someone who could look at me and see past all of this evil that I've done in my life. That's something that I have spent all of my energy trying to distance myself. You would look at me and somehow see that there is still good left in me."

Liz ended up telling him that she can't be his angel and that he needs to find his salvation in himself. He seemed to accept that, but not before he sent Friz fans into an all-out frenzy by slowly pulling her hair back and planting a classic romantic kiss on her cheek and then walking away, leaving Liz to rethink everything that she just told him.

General Hospital fans are loving every moment of these two. What is so different and makes them stand out as a couple? According to Friz lovers, it is the romance, the angst, and the overall chemistry between them. Yesterday was an all-out swooning fest. One viewer described it well.

"This #Friz stuff is some of the best soap stuff in years. It is phenomenal. The acting, the characters, the writing, the angst!! #GH."
Roger Howarth told Michael Fairman of On Air On Soaps in a recent interview that he is enjoying the fun ride of playing Franco on General Hospital. He is also enjoying working with his co-star, Rebecca Herbst. He was asked what his feelings are on his character's pairing with Liz, and he explained a little bit about how he views Franco's feelings toward her.

"He is surprised at his own attraction to this person, and a little confused by it. I think that's really interesting. There is some kind of playful part of him that seems to be confused that it was something that just showed up, and it wasn't something he was prepared for."
He may not be alone in his sentiment of being confused and unprepared for the pairing of this couple. Many viewers were quite skeptical when it was apparent that the writers at General Hospital were trying to pair Liz with someone who has a violent past, especially since she had been raped years ago on the soap. This led to a lot of confusion on why Elizabeth would ever give Franco the time of day, let alone falling for him.

Now that viewers have seen the uniqueness of this couple and how much chemistry there seems to be between them, Franco and Elizabeth may just be an unexpected power couple. Many faithful viewers have been rooting for them and are enjoying the slow progress of their budding romance.

General Hospital spoilers say that Franco will end up comforting Liz soon. Will these two be bonding over what happened to Jake? At the end of this week, Elizabeth will be having a conversation with her son and it may be all about his time on Cassadine Island. Since Franco and Jake have become close, this may be the thing that will bring Franco closer to his mom as well.

What are your feelings on the pairing of Franco and Elizabeth?

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