Gwen Stefani Balding Amid Blake Shelton Wedding Plans? Singer’s Hair Dye Procedure Leaves Fans Worried

Is Gwen Stefani balding due to her extensive hair dying procedures ahead of her wedding with Blake Shelton?

In an interview with E! Online, the outlet quotes Stefani’s hairstylist Danilo revealing his secrets to how the singer manages to keep her hair looking so healthy. His answer seemed rather shocking to fans after admitting that Gwen actually has her hair dyed every week.

“I developed a high-lift formula that achieves the same effect but saves the quality of her hair. I did a lot of research and really looked at places of origins for blond hair colors like Germany and Scandinavia,” Danilo reveals.

He continues to add that Gwen Stefani hasn’t used bleach since 2004, so fans have no reason to worry about the “Hollaback Girl” singer eventually finding herself balding due to all the chemical processing. “I’ve spent years finding and testing new lines and technology. She gets multiple types of deep conditioning every day,” he concluded.

Celeb Dirty Laundry, however, insists that the hair dying procedures could still see Gwen’s hair thin at a rapid rate, especially since she undergoes this process every single week. A source for the celebrity news site alleges that fans are still concerned for the mother of two and her high-maintenance routine to upkeep her platinum blonde look.

No matter how safe a hairstylist says the procedure is, there is no way that Gwen’s hair and scalp aren’t being affected by the products put on her head four times a month. CDL adds that it’s worse to then consider the supposed fact that she’s been doing this for the past 12 years, and while she still has a full head of hair for now, it’ll eventually see Gwen hairless if she continues.

Gwen Stefani potentially finding out that she’s balding couldn’t come at a worse time, as she prepares to marry the supposed love of her life, Blake Shelton. The twosome have already hired a wedding planner, sources have revealed, who is preparing for Gwen to walk down the aisle before the year’s end, with a date nearing the Christmas period being very likely.

“Gwen Stefani’s hair might be her signature look right now, but there’s a strong possibility that the California native might suffer from hair thinning or bald patches in the future,” Celeb Dirty Laundry adds, being overly dramatic when insinuating that Gwen might find herself bald by the time she marries Blake later this year.

Fans on social media were left divided with the news that Gwen gets her hair dyed every week, with some fearing she could end up bald in the near future, while others think it’s nothing to worry about. After all, if she’s been doing this for 12 years, why would Stefani start balding now?

The singer hasn’t addressed her fans and their concerns for how she tends to upkeep her platinum blonde locks, presumably because the singer is too caught up in continuing her nationwide tour alongside rapper Eve.

It is believed that after Gwen Stefani’s tour comes to an end, she’ll only be focusing her attention on her wedding with Blake, which some sources are claiming will be very intimate, with the couple’s closest friends and family in attendance.

Do you believe Gwen Stefani’s hair routine will see her balding in the near future?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]