‘Stranger Things’ Season 2: Natalia Dyer Talks Nancy’s Future, Cast Issues Revealed

Stranger Things is another hit for Netflix originals as fans binge through the eight episodes, anxiously awaiting Season 2.

The creators of Stranger Things, Matt and Ross Duffer, have given us some insight into Season 2, such as casting issues, and Natalia Dyer talked about what you can expect from Nancy.

Do not read further if you have not seen Stranger Things Season 1 — spoilers below.

The Duffer brothers revealed that the young age of some of the cast members is an issue, and the plot of the show will have to move fast.

Dustin, Lucas, Eleven, and Will could look very different a year from now; therefore, Season 2 will skip a year from the events of Season 1. Matt Duffer also revealed in an IGN interview that actor Gaten Matarazzo’s voice has dropped to the point that ADR (automated dialogue replacement) won’t work.

The creators of the show are excited about writing a plot that helps the audience figure out what happened in a year since Will Byers was kidnapped and taken to the upside-down. He was seen throwing up a slug in the last episode, which is potentially a sign of things to come.

It also shows that Will Byers may have been infected in some way before he was rescued by Sheriff Hopper and his mother.

The breakout star of Stranger Things, Natalia Dyer, spoke about her character Nancy and what she thinks will happen in Season 2.

Nancy is the stereotypical older sister out of a teen movie that doesn’t pay attention to her little brother. She is dating a guy who appears to be a jerk or at least hangs out with jerks. The quiet kid, Jonathan Byers, has a crush on her, and it looks like Nancy is set up to be an unlikeable character. However, her boyfriend Steve Harrington turns out to be a good guy, and she forms a friendship with Jonathan, who helps her fight a monster from the upside-down.

In an interview with Decider, Natalia Dyer was asked about Nancy’s role in Season 2, and she responded with the following.

“I’m just as curious as everyone else – I mean the writers for the show just do a real great job. They’re amazing storytellers. I’m really curious where they want to take it. Because it’s such an ensemble show, it’s fun to think about the interactions between different characters, like what’s Nancy’s relationship to Will, to Hopper, to Joyce, you know. Exploring those different relationships would be really fun. And, you know, whatever other supernatural things pop in there — I’m just very, very curious myself.”

The Duffer brothers also revealed that the upside-down theory has a lot of depth and that they have a 30-page document that helps makes sense of the mystery. It explains how the monsters came to be and why there are not more of them.

In an interview with Variety, the creators of the show revealed that they simply didn’t have enough time to fit in the juicy details about the upside-down, and we can look forward to a bigger exploration of that world in Season 2.

“We have all this stuff that we just didn’t have time for, or we didn’t feel like we needed to get into in Season 1, because of the main tension of Will. We have that whole other world that we haven’t fully explored in this season, and that was very purposeful.”

The show creators also plan on solving mysteries as the show goes on, rather than explaining everything away.

“We do cut away to the government occasionally for these pops of mystery or horror, but what we didn’t want was to have a scene of the scientist just sitting down to explain everything. We wanted to slowly peel back layers of this mystery for audiences through the eyes of these very ordinary people.”

Stranger Things is likely to be picked up for a Season 2 since the show has received great reception from critics and fans alike. The Duffer brothers have material for several seasons and perceive Season 2 to be more of a sequel.

No premiere date has been announced. However, a 2017 release is expected. The show is set in the 80’s and draws inspiration from Steven Spielberg and Stephen King.

What did you think of Season 1 and are you looking forward to Season 2 of Stranger Things?

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