Niall Horan Of One Direction Renovates His $4 Million Hollywood Hills Mansion: It Has An Interesting History, And Some Say It’s Haunted

One Direction’s Niall Horan purchased a very lovely and deceptively modern looking Hollywood mansion with a very interesting history. The drastically remodeled structure belies its true age, but it was once home to a beautiful 1950s starlet. Since then, it has been remodeled extensively. The newer additions to the rear of the house seem to contradict the cozy front porch. Inside, it looks very much like any large trendy new home with expansive white walls and a lot of floor space.

Still, Niall Horan isn’t quite satisfied and wants extensive work done before he moves in. There are a lot of really large windows, letting in a lot of sunlight, and Horan likes that about the house. Still, Niall wants the home customized more to his tastes according to Daily Mail.

One Direction’s Niall Horan’s new home is large, and it has a pool, but the overall look of it isn’t pretentious at all, which is exactly what Niall wanted. There is a rather traditional look to the front facade of the spacious five-bedroom and six-bathroom property. Plus, as strange as it sounds, the price is good for a home in that neighborhood.

The One Direction singer’s new Hollywood mansion has a fascinating history, mostly because of the beautiful and unique lady who once lived there. Gia Scala, the half Irish, half Italian star of the silver screen, was born in Liverpool but attended high school in Long Island, before she moved to Hollywood and landed a contract with Universal-International in 1954. The five foot eight, green-eyed actress was in many movies, including Reminiscences of a Cowboy, The Tunnel of Love, The Angry Hills, and most notably The Guns of Navarone.

Like Niall Horan, Gia Scala was very talented. She took pride in her acting talent more than her beauty. She worked hard to become the best actress she could be. Glamour Girls of the Silver Screen has a 1956 quote from Scala.

“I feel very sorry for those who try to get by on beauty alone. Because when beauty is gone, what will they have left to build a career upon?”

So, why do people think the One Direction singer’s home might be haunted? Capital FM reports that former resident Jack Krane has claimed he felt something there when he was growing up in that house.

“I always asked if someone died in one of these houses, and my parents said no. I have always felt something strange. That house is haunted, for sure. I’ve had a few ghost stories over there. It’s creepy.”

Niall Horan by Andrew Redington 1 c
Niall Horan isn’t complaining, though, and he is well aware Gia died in the home. The One Direction star isn’t afraid of the home’s history, which is a sad story, but not a murder. According to Glamour Girls of the Silver Screen, Gia Scala died suddenly and tragically in 1972 from advanced arteriosclerosis, though she was only 38 years-old. Her condition was not discovered until after her death when an autopsy was performed. The autopsy completely explained and excused her alleged bouts of erratic behavior in the years immediately prior to her death.

It was commonly believed that Gia Scala drank heavily, but she always denied being intoxicated. She’d always say she only had a couple of drinks. No one believed her, and even her doctor had been giving her medication for alcohol addiction. The coroner explained that Gia’s brain had not been receiving enough oxygen for years, due to her blocked arteries. Based on the coroner’s findings, it seems possible that the poor woman was very sick the whole time, and people just thought she drank too much.

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One Direction’s Niall Horan is aware of the legends and all the ghost stories about Gia Scala. It is still rumored that Gia died of alcohol poisoning and a drug overdose, and there are even ghost stories hinting that Ms. Scala was murdered or committed suicide, but the official report states there was no foul play, nor was it a suicide according to the extensive research done on her history by Glamour Girls of the Silver Screen.

One Direction’s Niall Horan loves his $4 million dollar Hollywood mansion, with or without a ghost.

[Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images]