‘Future Now Tour’ 2016: Nick Jonas And Demi Lovato Talk Joint Summer Tour

The “Future Now Tour” is a 2016 highlight for Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato fans. The superstar duo recently did an interview with the Los Angeles Times about career memories, making the “Future Now Tour” more about the music than anything else, and defining themselves in the heat of the spotlight.

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The two friends have a long history, with both having Disney Channel roots. While still in the Jonas Brothers trio with his siblings, Nick starred in Camp Rock alongside Lovato when they were still teenagers.

Now both 23-years-old, Camp Rock isn’t really on the minds of Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato very much anymore, although it’s still much-beloved by fans their age who grew up with the Disney Channel original movies.

Demi admits to the Los Angeles Times that she doesn’t really think about their Camp Rock days until someone brings it up. Nick remembers being able to graduate early because of the movie and loving it.

“We were both 14 or 15 when we filmed the movie, so they had a teacher on set, and you had to do a certain amount of school each day: four hours of school, six hours of work. By the second [‘Camp Rock’ movie], Demi and I had both had tested out of high school in California, so we were riding high, enjoying life.”

They’ve both come out strong on the other side of the infamous “transition from Disney to adulthood” with their careers, although Demi’s was a bit rockier than Nick’s. She went to rehab in her late teens to treat her battle with anorexia and substance abuse issues. After that, it was more about expressing herself differently in the music and acting worlds.

“But even after that, I had to transition. For me, it was: How do I evolve with my fans? Once I turned 19, I played a lesbian on ‘Glee.’ But I didn’t necessarily go to ‘Glee’ and say, ‘I want to play a lesbian because I think it’ll be a departure.’ It was just a really cool role. Or cursing in your songs — it’s what you’re saying in real life, so why wouldn’t you do it in a song?”

Nick, meanwhile, had to find his own lane outside of the Jonas Brothers, who began butting heads over their creative path a couple of years ago. Eventually, they decided to disband. Since then, Joe Jonas has moved on to front pop group DNCE, while Kevin is an entrepreneur with a growing family.

“I think we had two very different journeys. I was in my transition from adolescence to adulthood while also trying to manage being a family and having our business kind of fall apart. So I made a conscious effort to push myself and collaborate with different people. The word ‘intentional’ is dangerous, but it was about intentionally doing certain photo shoots and things that would give people a better idea of who I am today as opposed to their first introduction when I was 14.”

To Nick and Demi, the “Future Now Tour” needed to be an impressive show, but ultimately one that focused on the music.

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“The difference with our concert is that when we go out there, we don’t have backup dancers. There’s no lip-syncing; there’s no tracks blaring,” Demi said. “We’re playing music, and we want you to feel it — every bit of it.”

“Demi and I had a conversation where we said, ‘We have to make this the opposite of every pop show we’ve seen in the last 10 years,'” Nick added.

One thing’s for sure: The “Future Now Tour” makes it clear that their friendship — and their music — is stronger than ever.

Nick Jonas is one of the confirmed performers at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, according to PopCrush. So far, he joins Rihanna and Britney Spears on the list. It’s a bit of a surprise, considering he wasn’t nominated for his sophomore album, Last Year Was Complicated, and was outspoken about the fact that he felt cheated.

“Disappointed with the fact Close got no love for the #VMAs2016,” he tweeted, referring to his single with Tove Lo, as the Inquisitr previously reported. “Won’t let this one thing get to me. I’m feeling so inspired and grateful these days.”

The “Future Now Tour” 2016 ends in L.A. on September 17.

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