‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Week 4 Brings More Drama For Jared, Pleas From Ashley, And Heartbreak For Vinny

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers for Week 4 tease that there will be more tears from some ladies, more sparks flying in new relationships, and more drama as pairs face twists and turns. What can viewers expect from Episodes 6 and 7 as they air during the week of August 22?

The last that viewers saw, Jared Haibon was trying to smooth things over with Ashley Iaconetti due to her jealousy over his interest in Caila Quinn. According to TV Guide, one frustrated guy will have to keep dealing with an emotional ex due to her inability to let go of him, and this is clearly related to Jared and Ashley. Will they find themselves in a better place somehow?

According to gossip guru Reality Steve, Ashley and Jared will eventually get to a place where they can agree that they are friends now and nothing more. Whether both of them truly can accept that remains to be seen, but Bachelor in Paradise spoilers do detail that his interest in Caila will continue.

At the rose ceremony, the initial choices will not lead to any surprises. Grant keeps Lace, Josh keeps Amanda, Nick naturally ensures that Jen stays in Mexico and after a somewhat surprising reunion, Evan and Carly stick together. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers note that Jared keeps Caila and Vinny sticks with Izzy. As for Daniel’s rose, it seems that he will be facing pressure from all of the other ladies and apparently he decides to keep Emily and Haley Ferguson. That means that Sarah Herron and Ashley end up eliminated.

While Sarah does bid farewell to the show without finding love once again, Reality Steve says that Ashley ends up leaving and then coming back and asking for a second chance. It should come as no surprise that the show embraces the idea and keeps Iaconetti around as her presence most definitely ensures that there will be more drama and tears.

It is then time for more men to show up in Mexico and teasers indicate that four guys will arrive during Week 4. Viewers will see Carl King and Brett Melnick from Andi Dorfman’s season hit the beach as well as Ryan Beckett from Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Bachelorette journey and Wells Adams from JoJo Fletcher’s group of suitors.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that Brett will initially pursue Izzy Goodkind, but she declines due to her involvement with Vinny Ventiera. Brett then asks out Caila, and Reality Steve says that Izzy and Vinny face some issues because he will realize that she had been interested in Brett. Viewers will see Brett and Caila going on a double date with Carl and Emily, with Ryan taking out Haley with his date card and Wells choosing Ashley.

During Tuesday night’s episode, one couple calls it quits due to some fickle feelings from the gal and this is said to be Izzy and Vinny. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers note that he just can’t get over the fact that she was somewhat interested in Brett, so he ends up heading home on his own. Hints of this split were shared in the preview for the next episodes, and Reality Steve’s scoop confirms that things take a bad turn for this duo.

Teasers reveal that one popular couple will hit the beach and deliver a date card that shakes things up for two other pairs. Which folks are referenced by this one? That much isn’t known quite yet, but Bachelor in Paradise spoilers do tease that there is a wild party on a yacht that may be linked to this. Caila is going to be sharing some reservations with Jared about their relationship and this may well pave the way for another split soon.

The rose ceremony after these dates will be held until Week 5, but Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that there are quite a few departures on the way. Vinny will leave on his own, and it seems that Emily and Haley will leave as well after deciding not to give their roses to anybody. In addition, Emily and Haley are said to try to warn Amanda about Josh, but it is pretty clear that their concerns fall on deaf ears.

People can expect another tirade from Josh and he lashes out at Nick Viall once again. When all is said and done, Daniel Maguire, Carl King, and Ryan Beckett end up eliminated, as well, after these outings. Will the couples who make it to the end eventually also make it down the aisle? Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that there is plenty more chaos on the way this summer and fans cannot wait to see what happens next.

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