‘Power’ On Starz: Fans Applaud Holly’s Shocking Death, Ignore Seriousness Of Tommy’s Domestic Violence

The most recent episode of Power on Starz was shocking, thrilling, and left many fans really happy about the outcome. For those who haven’t seen the most recent episode titled “Help Me,” there will be Power spoilers, ahead so continue reading with caution.

Many fans were really happy that Holly was dead. It’s been an ongoing question on social media, “When is Holly going to die?” Tommy Egan’s girlfriend was overbearing, meddling, and just didn’t seem to understand the relationship that Tommy (Joseph Sikora) has with Ghost (Omari Hardwick), even if the two were not on speaking terms. Holly (Lucy Walters) kept pushing for Tommy to kill Ghost because she thought it was the only way. The problem is, Tommy would never have killed Ghost because they were like brothers. Then again, no one really thought Tommy would kill Holly either, and the way he did it was one of the most shocking scenes on Power to date.

It was a pivotal moment when Holly told Tommy during an argument that Ghost was going to die and there was nothing he could do about it. As Tommy scrambled to figure out a plan to save them all, Holly informed him that she already took care of it.

We already knew that Holly had gone to see the Jamaicans during the previous episode and paid to have Ghost killed. It was the only way she thought she could keep herself and Tommy safe from Lobos. The biggest problem is that Lobos wasn’t the only one after her lover. The Koreans were targeting Tommy as well, and his life was in danger no matter what. It would be in even more danger if Ghost were dead, something Holly just never seemed to understand.

Here’s where it all gets a little bit uncomfortable, and it’s alarming that pretty much no one is even talking about it. When the argument between Tommy and Holly really escalated and she told him that she put out a hit on Ghost, Tommy became enraged. He had already been snorting coke that day, and he’s a known hot head, but he had never before hurt his own fiance until now.

Tommy’s rage was so overwhelming over the thought of losing Ghost that he freaked out, pinned Holly up against the wall, and began choking her. Overcome with anger, Tommy kept choking Holly as she tried to fight back, scratching his hands up until she just didn’t have any more strength to fight. Then, Tommy Egan’s fiance went limp.

After he let go of Holly, she crumbled to the floor, and it’s obvious that Tommy went way too far. Even he couldn’t believe what he had done and begged Holly to just wake up, but she never did. The victim of domestic violence, Holly died in the most tragic way and in one that fans of Power on Starz could have never made up.

Naturally, after Tommy killed Holly, Ghost walked in to see his friend in complete shock. “Help me,” Tommy was barely able to plead with his friend, who immediately began working to hide the body. Nothing was said about the horrible way Holly died.

As a matter of fact, fans of Power were so excited to finally have Holly dead that no one really reacted to the violent way that she went. There was literally a #HollyIsDeadParty on Twitter as news of the redhead’s death had fans pretty happy. Others wanted to know when Ghost’s girlfriend Angela (Lela Loren) will be the next to go.

Power’s executive producer Courtney A. Kemp spoke out about domestic violence and the very timely death of Holly before anyone could speak out about the shocking way in which she went.

Kemp told TV Guide, “Everybody on the show is doing something they shouldn’t be doing.”

Kemp warned against a think piece about Holly’s death and how Tommy is a woman beater with violent tendencies.

She said, “I am determined to let the stories come to their logical conclusion. Once I push the snowball off the cliff, I am committed to the avalanche.”

Courtney Kemp is pretty fierce too and even took on 50 Cent a week prior when he freaked out over a very short scene in which all his business was on display. The Inquisitr even reported on 50’s outrage over a certain scene that very briefly showed a shot of his penis. The rapper was reportedly angry because his auntie wouldn’t be able to watch the show that night, lest she is scarred forever at the sight of 50 Cent’s manhood. It turns out that another shot showing off his backside was far more revealing.

In any case, the whole point is that Power recently showed a very upsetting plotline where Tommy literally kills his own fiance with his own hands and no one is even upset about it. Instead, fans of the Starz hit are all over social media celebrating Holly’s death because they don’t really care how she went. It’s the fact that Holly is dead and Ghost is not that everyone is happy about.

Were you upset by the way Tommy killed Holly or just part of the #HollyIsDeadParty on Twitter and other forms of social media? Tell us what you thought of the most recent Power death and how it will impact upcoming episodes and even seasons of the popular Starz hit in the comments section below.

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