Will Runner-Up Nick Viall Find The One On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’?

Nick Viall has been making Bachelorette history by consistently finishing as the runner-up. Viall is hoping he can end that status by finally getting the girl on this season of Bachelor in Paradise. The season started out slow for Viall. Nick had a few dates and a connection with Leah Block and Amanda Stanton, but those both ended quickly. He was beginning to think his time on the show was near the end until Jen Saviano walked into paradise.

While fans feared Nick was heartbroken when Josh Murray swept a woman away from him for the second time, Amanda Stanton set the record straight on her blog. She shared that prior to coming to paradise, Nick told her he was considering a third appearance with the Bachelor franchise in hopes of meeting Jen. She went on to say that certain conversations were not shared on the episode. One conversation included Viall reminding her that he was very excited for Jen’s arrival and that they should continue to explore other relationships. This opened the door for Viall to pursue other women and for Amanda and Josh to date freely.

Saviano arrived this week in Mexico, and Nick was instantly attracted to her. Jen entered with a date card and after chatting with a few of the women, Daniel, and Nick, she asked Viall to accompany her on the date. The duo hit it off instantly, and she admitted to having found Nick very intriguing and wanting to get to know him better. Viall bonded with Saviano on a boat and they made out on a beach surrounded by crabs. While Nick joked about not wanting to die on this date, the two seemed to be into each other so much they did not care about the many crabs crawling around them.

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Does Nick Viall finally find the one and get engaged in paradise? Reality Steve has been dishing out spoilers for Bachelor in Paradise on his blog since the middle of July. His spoilers have all been proven as fact so far. He shared in the upcoming episode that Viall will not surprisingly give his rose to Jen so they can continue to pursue a relationship. The next week, Jen reciprocates by giving her rose to Nick. They will continue to date each other throughout the season.

Reality Steve went on to reveal that per usual on the final episode, Chris Harrison talks to all the remaining couples and tells them they must make a decision to stay a couple or part ways. They are offered a chance to go on a romantic overnight date with their respective partner or end it right then. According to the report, Nick and Jen do accept the overnight date offer. No details were shared about exactly what occurred on their date. Steve did conclude his spoilers with sharing that Viall and Saviano do decide to break up.

Nick and Jen reportedly mutually made the decision to go their separate ways. They both live on opposite sides of the country, and the reality of the situation is they had only known each other approximately 10 days in paradise. They left on good terms and still communicate via social media. Maybe perhaps they will change their minds in the future and give their relationship another chance. They did have pretty amazing chemistry and interest in one another.

Nick has gone from villain to hero throughout his time on The Bachelorette. Josh Murray even tweeted last night that he hoped the best for Nick and Jen. While it appears that the third time was not a charm for Viall, he has gained tons of support and lifelong friends. Many have even backed Haley Ferguson’s claim at a previous rose ceremony that Nick deserves to find love. Some are hoping if Nick is truly single he will be given the opportunity to be the next star of The Bachelor.

There are still a few more weeks of Bachelor in Paradise. Don’t miss seeing if Reality Steve was correct or if Nick Viall will finally walk away in a relationship. The season finale is scheduled to air September 6 on ABC.

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