‘Real Housewives’ News: The Story Behind Joe Giudice And Possible Deportation

As if Real Housewives stars Teresa and Joe Giudice each going to prison wasn’t enough to worry about, the next issue for the couple is Joe’s possible deportation after he serves his three years behind bars. Many fans don’t understand how this would be possible or probable, but to understand the details, you have to go back decades to when the Giudice family (Joe Giudice, his mother, father, and siblings) arrived in the United States from Italy. Joe Giudice is a legal alien, or resident alien, and not an American citizen like his wife and children.

Before Real Housewives star Teresa Giudice did her turn in a Connecticut prison, she was asked whether she would follow her husband if Joe was deported back to Italy. At that point, it didn’t seem that the gravity of the situation had hit her and that Joe truly could be deported. However, she that the family would move to Italy if Joe was forced to leave the country.

But the Inquisitr is reporting that Teresa has done her time in prison (or camp as she likes to call it) and no longer wants to talk about Joe’s situation, and she has walked out of interviews when the word deportation comes up. RHONJ star Teresa Giudice now realizes that husband Joe just might get deported, and because of his conviction, he will never be able to become an American citizen.

The Giudice family story as to why Joe Giudice of RHONJ never became an American citizen is bizarre and seems to boil down to “we just forgot to have Joe made a citizen.” Joe Giudice’s mother, Filomena Giudice, blames herself (yet somehow all of Joe’s siblings and both of his parents managed to become American citizens), but NJ.com says that considering Joe has been in this country since he was one before he was convicted of his crime, it would have been simple for him to become a citizen.


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But experts are saying that there is almost no chance that RHONJ will just be allowed to return home after his three years behind bars. Because the crime that Giudice committed falls under the category of crime of “moral turpitude,” the process indicates that after he serves his time, he will be taken into the custody of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, where he will likely get an immigration lawyer to try and stay in the United States. It will be an uphill battle, and he will remain behind bars until the conflict is sorted. By interpretation of the law, Joe Giudice will be deported to Italy.

According to experts, the likely defense that Joe Giudice will use is emotional and financial hardship, which would explain why Teresa will no longer talk about deportation or following Joe to Italy. The hardship would be Joe living in Italy and Teresa living here. If the whole family moves to Italy, there isn’t any hardship, explains immigration lawyer Michael Wildes.

“No doubt it’s important for people who are famous to be judicious in what they’re going to say in public. If Teresa were to reveal that she would follow Joe to Italy, there may not be a genuine hardship to mitigate.”

It seems that Joe Giudice really believed he was a citizen, according to WetPaint, which is hard to believe since he would have been asked at some point for his Social Security number, and when applying for a passport, he could not have received a U.S. one. The Giudice family attorney says he is asked all the time why Joe Giudice never became an American citizen, and he can only say that applying for citizenship obviously slipped through the cracks. Joe Giudice says he knows little about Italy, and though the government doesn’t consider him a citizen, he thinks of himself as American.

The Giudices’ family lawyer, Miles Feinstein, says that finding out that Joe was not a citizen was a shock, and Joe, Teresa, and the legal team only found out when the charges filed against Joe Giudice included his lack of citizenship.

“He could have gotten it easily. He thought he was a citizen, as did everyone else. The fact that he wasn’t, was brought up in the state case. He didn’t know up until then.”

Many fans of RHONJ are scratching their heads while trying to imagine how something like this could slip your mind.

Do you think that RHONJ star Joe Giudice will be deported back to Italy?

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