‘Firefly’ Trailer Ignites Hope For Series Return: Nathan Fillion Shares Thoughts On Fan Trailer [Video]

Firefly may have only been on the air for a season, but it soon gained a cult following. After 13 years, fans want to see it back, and a new fan-made trailer has ignited hope for the series to return. Even Nathan Fillion has praised the work.

Stephen Byrne shared the animated Firefly trailer for fans and posted on his YouTube channel. Since the trailer was uploaded on August 14, the short animated piece has amassed almost a quarter of a million views, with 3.3k thumbs up. The 39-second video is called The Animated Adventures of Firefly and is just a teaser of something that could be so much more.

Fans have enjoyed the video, and they left many comments of praise. A large number of viewers now want to see it become a real TV show, with some requesting for it to air on Netflix since that seems to be the place for revivals. After all, Gilmour Girls and Full House have benefited from Netflix revivals. Now, why can’t Firefly join the mix?

The main Serenity crew members are in the new animated trailer, including Shepherd Book and Kaylee.

The trailer starts with Mal making his way to the ship to meet Shepherd Book. That scene jumps to Zoe and an ill-looking, flickering Wash. There are clips of River, Simon, Inara, and so many more fan favorite characters, including what looks to be a Reaver attacking Kaylee right at the end. The gang is back, and they are all ready for action.

Sadly, their return would require some confirmation of plans for a new series from the show’s creators. Despite the cult following, Firefly was cancelled after just one season and closed with a movie. There is a Whedon-approved comic books series which is considered canon, but it’s just not the same. The Firefly comics are similar to the comic books for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Charmed, and other shows. They just don’t continue the show in the same way or with all the suspense and intrigue of the series.

Image via Stephen Byrne

While it may not be official, it doesn’t mean that Byrne won’t continue his work in the video fanfiction. The Firefly trailer had been planned for two years, according to Collider. The artist shared a two-second GIF of the Zoe/Wash reunion, with the plan to share much more. The problem is that the two second GIF took nine minutes to make. A 39-second trailer would take much longer.

How would someone translate the trailer into a video series? That would take a lot of dedicated time. It’s a good thing that he’s a major fan.

Byrne is also working on much more than just Firefly-inspired works. He also wants to create new content for Star Wars, Doctor Who, and other iconic films and television programs. His Twitter feed is full of his artwork for various projects that he hopes will keep the dreams of fans alive.

Now we know what the fans think, but what do the actors think of the work? Well, it looks like the main cast members approve. Nathan Fillion took to Twitter to share the trailer with a definite thumbs up. Addressing the Firefly fan community by their well-known name of “Browncoats,” he said they constantly amaze him and then shared a link to the video.

Adam Baldwin went one step further on his Twitter account. He took a screen grab of the animated version of Jayne Cobb and made it into his profile picture. Now, fans will always see Byrne’s work when following Baldwin on the social media site.

There is hope that TV executives will see the work that Byrne has produced and want to make it into an official show. That would make Firefly fandom extremely happy.

What do you think of the fan-made Firefly teaser trailer? Does it ignite your hope that it will come back to the screen someday soon?

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]