Ivan Reitman Discusses ‘Twins’ Sequel, Says ‘Ghostbusters’ Should Be Remade

Ivan Reitman, who directed a number of the films I loved as a kid, is of the unpopular belief that his hit 1984 comedy Ghostbusters should be remade, according to Cinema Blend. Although the very thought of the movie getting the remake treatment is enough to send movie geeks screaming through the suburbs, it’s doubtful the project will ever come to fruition. Anyone who has been following Ghostbusters 3 rumors for the past few years will tell you that we’ve probably already seen the last installment in the franchise.

During his interview with Collider, Ivan Reitman touched on the possibility of a Ghostbusters remake. “Well, I’d like to go forward and make new things. I think Ghostbusters probably should be remade, if we can get it all right. We’re working on it, so we’ll see,” the director explained. Reitman also revealed that Men in Black 3 scribe Etan Cohen had been hired to pen a draft of the screenplay, which is reportedly very different than the one making the rounds not too long ago.

Indiewire reports that a proper, full-blown Ghostbusters sequel is essentially out of the question since co-star Bill Murray has officially stated that he’s not returning for another go-around. With one of the main cast members refusing to participate, it would appear that the production has no other choice but to head in a completely different direction.

To make matters worse, Ivan Reitman didn’t have too many uplifting things to say about the potential Twins sequel, which would reunite the director with stars Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger. “With ‘Triplets,’ I’m quite nervous about it,” the filmmaker told Collider. “I think it’s somebody’s commercial idea, and usually that’s a scary thought. There’s no writer, and there’s no idea yet. I think that was more of a press release than anything else.” Insert audible sigh here.

Do you agree with Ivan Reitman that Ghostbusters should be remade?