Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Share A Special Day With Fans [Video]

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are excited to share a monumental event with their millions of fans and followers, and while this special day is something the two celebrities are celebrating in their personal lives, Teigen and Legend both want to be sure to include their fans. For those following this famous family, they might already suspect this news has something to do with Luna Simone Stephens, daughter of Chrissy and John, and they would be right. It’s Luna’s four-month birthday, and her parents couldn’t be more excited to share it with the public.

FabLife Co-Host Chrissy Teigen Wants To Mark Luna’s First Four Months With A Birthday Party


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It seems Chrissy Teigen just couldn’t wait another eight months to celebrate Luna’s one-year birthday, so she chose to mark her daughter’s first four months with a birthday celebration. Teigen shared the event on Instagram, so her followers could also feel included in the celebration, and, as Essence reports, Chrissy hints that this won’t be the only monthly birthday for baby Luna.

“Happy birthday,” Teigen tells Luna in a video posted to Instagram.

The video includes a text message written and inserted by Chrissy.

“I now celebrate monthly birthdays I guess.”

“4 months,” Chrissy captioned the Instagram post. “Enjoy the month birthdays while you can, buttbutt!!”

???? 4 months. Enjoy the month birthdays while you can, buttbutt!!

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There’s no denying that Teigen is really enjoying the motherhood experience, but throwing a birthday bash may lose its novelty in short time. Between changing diapers, early morning feedings, and temper tantrums, Chrissy might not have the energy to make a special Luna celebration every single month of her daughter’s infancy.

John Legend Also Gushes Over Luna And Expresses His Love Of Fatherhood

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Reality TV World shared an interview with John Legend in which the musician talks about his experience as a father and the joy both he and Teigen are deriving from parenting Luna. He says they learn something new every day, adding that the experience is ever changing, because Luna is always growing and evolving. He says that includes her looks. Sometimes Luna looks like Chrissy, and some days she looks more like her father. Legend says it really depends on the day and the way the light hits her.

“Chrissy and I have certain aspects of us that looks like each other, so our baby’s gonna look like both of us,” John says.

Mr. Legend and Ms. Teigen were married in 2013 at a ceremony in Como, Italy, but had experienced great difficulty in conceiving a child through the intervening years. After pursuing various fertility options, the couple were finally blessed with Luna, who was born this past April. Legend says that having Luna has changed their lives individually, but adds that the parenting experience has also changed how he and Teigen relate to one another.

“You have to spend every moment even when you are not with [Luna] thinking about who is with them, and what’s happening with them, and making sure that everything is, you know, comfortable for them,” Legend adds.

John says that having Luna has also made them more responsible adults, because every moment is spent with thoughts about Luna. He says he learned quickly that one lapse in responsibility might lead to disaster, so having Luna has forced him to prioritize his thoughts.

“It definitely makes you realize a heightened level of responsibility and it makes you realize that there is a lot of work to be doing, and you realize what your work is for,” Legend says.

John Legend is currently working on his fifth studio album to follow up the 2013 release of Love in the Future.

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