Arnold Schwarzenegger Poised To Rule The Box Office Next Year

Arnold Schwarzenegger The Last Stand

In case you hadn’t heard, Arnold Schwarzenegger was the governor of California for quite some time, a role that effectively put his acting career on hold. Now that he’s out of office and free of any political obligations, the Terminator star is ready and willing to return to the big screen. Although The Expendables 2 was a step in the right direction, 2013 will give Arnold Schwarzenegger fans an opportunity to see the action hero tackle a leading role once again.

This January, The Governator will star in South Korean director Jee-woon Kim’s action/thriller The Last Stand. According to Internet Movie Database, Arnold Schwarzenegger portrays a sheriff who is forced to contend with a drug cartel headed towards the Mexican border. Forest Whitaker, Peter Stormare, Johnny Knoxville, Luis Guzmán, and Harry Dean Stanton co-star. Given the intensity of Jee-woon Kim’s South Korean efforts, The Last Stand promises to be an enjoyable experience. Look for the flick to hit theaters on January 18.

On September 27, 2013, Arnold Schwarzenegger will once again team up with Expendables co-star Sylvester Stallone for the sci-fi actioner The Tomb. In addition to these two heavyweights, the movie also features the talents of Jim Caviezel, Vincent D’Onofrio, Sam Neill, 50 Cent, and the always-entertaining Vinnie Jones. Internet Movie Database describes the movie as follows:

“Ray Breslin is the world’s foremost authority on structural security. After analyzing every high security prison and learning a vast array of survival skills so he can design escape-proof prisons, his skills are put to the test. He’s framed and incarcerated in a master prison he designed himself. He needs to escape and find the person who put him behind bars.”

Although the film probably won’t see the light of day until at least 2014, Arnold Schwarzenegger is once again joining forces with Danny DeVito and director Ivan Reitman’s for the sequel to their 1988 comedy Twins. Triplets joins the mismatched brothers as they discover another long-lost brother, rumored to be portrayed by Eddie Murphy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger may have been out of the game for a while, but 2013 could be a pretty big year for the 80s action hero. Of course, it remains to be seen if his name can still generate massive amounts of box office cash. Are you a fan of Schwarzenegger’s films?