Jinger Duggar’s Family Seems Unsure About Her Fiancé , Jeremy Vuolo, In ‘Counting On’ Promo

In a new promo for the upcoming season of Counting On, Jinger Duggar’s family members don’t seem as thrilled as she is about her relationship with former soccer pro Jeremy Vuolo.

Jinger Duggar’s relationship with Jeremy Vuolo will be a big focus of Counting On Season 2, and the latest promo for the TLC reality series reveals that viewers will get to see the moment that 28-year-old Jeremy asks Jinger’s father, Jim Bob Duggar, for permission to court the 22-year-old car flipper.

“I just wanted to speak with you about having the opportunity to court your daughter,” Jeremy says to Jim Bob during a visit to a coffee shop.

As Us Weekly points out, Jinger’s dad “does not appear to be thrilled about the news.” However, Jim Bob was about to bite into a brownie right before Jeremy started this very serious discussion, so perhaps he was just unhappy about his future son-in-law’s timing.

Jeremy Vuolo And Jim Bob Duggar Discuss Courtship
Jim Bob Duggar doesn't look excited about the prospect of Jeremy Vuolo courting Jinger Duggar (image via TLC)

It’s unclear whether Jim Bob was aware of Jeremy’s wild past at the time Jeremy asked for permission to court Jinger. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Jeremy was once arrested for getting drunk and harassing a police officer, and he has hinted that he’s not a virgin.

If Jeremy did tell Jinger’s dad about his party boy days, Jim Bob quickly got over this revelation and warmed up to the idea of having a former professional athlete join the family. On his blog, Jeremy writes about how he became friends with the Duggar patriarch after their discussion about Jinger’s future.

“On Thursday morning, December 11, 2015, I expressed my interest to get to know Jinger better to Mr. Duggar. This opened up the door for Mr. Duggar and me to build a friendship and began this great new chapter of my life with Jinger!”

Jim Bob has insisted that he doesn’t choose who his daughters marry, but they are only allowed to court men who are approved by him. He tells his daughters about men he likes, and the girls let him know whether or not they’re interested in getting to know them better.

“Over the years, I have suggested guys to my daughters or we have had a lot of guys that approach us and are interested in this girl or that girl, but each of our girls have chosen their spouse on their own,” Jim Bob told People.

Jeremy Vuolo met Jinger Duggar through Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald. Jeremy became a preacher after he failed to make it big as a professional soccer player, and he got to know Jessa and Ben at a church fellowship at his home in San Antonio. Jeremy became such good friends with the couple that they invited him to visit them in Arkansas, and this is how he first met Jinger.

According to Jessa, she was initially worried about Jeremy and Jinger becoming interested in one another because she thought that Jeremy probably had a girlfriend already.

“I thought, ‘This guy—surely he has another girl already,'” Jessa says in the Counting On promo. “But we found out that he didn’t!”

After her family members were done playing matchmaker, Jinger agreed to court Jeremy. However, her parents and siblings weren’t finished meddling in her love life. During an interview with E! News, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar shared their belief that modern-day dating is dangerous because “a couple will often pair off alone and that sometimes leads to a more physical relationship.” This is why Jinger and Jeremy’s dates are always chaperoned by her family members. In the Counting On promo, Ben Seewald tells Jeremy and Jinger not to get “too close” when they side-hug in front of him during one of these dates.

Jinger Duggar Side-Hugs Jeremy Vuolo
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar chaperone from afar in 'Counting On' promo

“Courtship is not just about having fun,” Michelle Duggar explains. “You are really considering if this person could be your life partner—you pray about it and see what happens.”

Jeremy’s proposal to Jinger will be shown during the upcoming season of Counting On, and there will likely be a wedding in the very near future.

“We’re thinking fast track is always better,” Jinger says in the Counting On promo. She presumably made this comment after Jeremy popped the question.

TLC viewers can watch Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar’s romance blossom when Counting On returns Tuesday, August 23, at 8 p.m. E.T.

[Image via TLC]