‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Paulie Gets A Nude Pat-Down, Natalie Has A Rough Morning

The Big Brother 18 houseguests were restless in the wee hours of August 16, with security hi jinx afoot and illness causing one cast member to have an uncomfortable morning caught on live feeds.

Although drama and conflict are the norm in the Big Brother 18 house, Paul Abrahamian’s special task – or punishment – of acting like a secret service officer lightened the mood Tuesday. This role requires Paul to drop whatever he’s doing at the time when an alert goes off, even if he’s sleeping. Paul must dress in a suit and tie (which he transformed by cutting it, as the original became too hot), put on a pair of aviator sunglasses and make his way around the house to pat-down each and every cast member.

There are checkpoints labeled by markers on the Big Brother 18 floor placed in various places around the large abode, which Paul must step on before he is finished with his “friendship” task. Paul has taken this task very seriously and watching him try to catch houseguests for pat-downs is often hilarious, as he points his imaginary gun, jumps over living room couches, slides across the dining room table, and pretends to talk to fellow officers through a non-existent walkie-talkie on his wrist.

Prior to cast mates heading to slumber Tuesday, Paul was called to action and transformed into secret service mode following a security red alert. After days of going through pat-down, after pat-down, Paulie Calafiore decided to get creative and make Paul’s task a little more uncomfortable than it had been.

As Paul was searchin,,g Natalie Negrotti in her bed and loudly looking for James Huling in the same area, in the kitchen, seen on CBS All Access live feeds at about 5:35 a.m., Paulie took off his sweatshirt, placed it over his crotch region, and then carefully pulled down his pants and underwear – all while Michelle Meyer, Victor Arroyo, Corey Brooks, and Nicole Franzel looked on.

Morty’s TV reports Paulie’s choice was to try to make “Paul’s job easier – or interesting – or awkward…”

Michelle yelled, “Paul, come pat us down!” Paulie then chimed in with, “Paul, we’re ready for a pat-down.”

Paulie stood in this uncomfortable position for a bit, as Paul found James hiding under a bed in the Tokyo room. Corey commented that all the cameras were on Paulie’s nude behind, as Paulie said, “this has totally backfired,” while the group continued to wait for Paul to make his way to them.

As Paul ran toward the anxiously awaiting houseguests, he realized Paulie was naked and began laughing, pointing, and clapping his hands, while saying, “Oh my God!”

Michelle yelled, “We have a streaker in the White House.” Paul responded by throwing the rubber duck pool toy he wears around his waist and calls Pablo toward Paulie, saying, “Pablo, this is your job… clear!”

As Paul tried to walk away, the houseguests shouted, “You’ve got to pat him down… you have to.”

Paul turned around and carefully patted Paulie’s shoulders and back, making sure to avoid venturing below his waist – but got the job done nonetheless, as seen on live feeds around 5:36 a.m. Big Brother 18 house time.

Apparently, Paulie enjoyed this prank and decided to only wear an apron while completing his cooking task, causing Paul to have to complete an uncomfortable pat-down once again.

Also Tuesday morning, Natalie seemed to be in good spirits although she was admittedly feeling terrible. Her neck had been hurting for a day or so, and she told James she would not be able to participate in the next competition.

According to Joker’s Updates, at around 6:19 a.m., Natalie vomited as James comforted her. She reportedly told houseguests she took too much pain medicine, which made her feel more ill than she originally had been and caused her to throw up. Fortunately, after everything was out of her system and following a Diary Room session, she told James she felt a lot better.

It is still unclear, however, whether Natalie will feel as though she can take part in this week’s upcoming Head of Household (HOH) competition if her neck is still causing her problems.

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[Image via CBS]