‘Pokemon’ Live-Action Movie: ‘Gravity Falls,’ ‘Marvel’ Writers In Negotiations To Pen Script

The Pokemon live-action movie is gradually progressing as reports reveal that Legendary Entertainment taps Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor writer Nicole Perlman and Galaxy Falls‘ Alex Hirsch to bring Pikachu to the real world.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Legendary is in negotiations with Perlman and Hirsch for the project which will focus on the story line of the upcoming Japanese video game Detective Pikachu.

Three weeks ago, Legendary won the rights to the Pokemon live-action franchise which has massive potential in sales considering the current craze revolving around the recently released mobile game, Pokemon GO.

Variety reports that details about the movie remain confidential as of the moment but has confirmed from the studio that the production will not begin until 2017.

EW reports that Legendary chose a good pair of creative minds in Perlman and Hirsch, who have both made names in the entertainment industry for their respective successful franchises.

Perlman became more popular to production studios since she wrote the script for the Marvel flick Guardians of the Galaxy and is also set to pen another flick for the franchise focused on Captain Marvel.

Kirsch, on the other hand, is the creator of the famous Disney cartoon Gravity Falls and had also immersed himself in the production of the animated series by voicing some of the characters in the show.

With the new Pokemon franchise added to their resumes, however, these two writers are expected to become even more in-demand especially since they will be bringing some of this generation’s most beloved characters who were first introduced in Japan in 1996.

Since its birth, the Pokemon franchise has already sold a total of 279 million video games all over the world, distributed trading cards to as much as 74 countries, and lasted for as long as 19 seasons in television.

Even though all these have been a thing of the past, Variety notes that the current hype created by the Pokemon GO app proves that these lovable little monsters not only captured the hearts of one generation but remained engraved in their lives forever.

And that is definitely the best thing that ever happened for Nintendo as proven by the 25 percent increase in the game developer’s stocks even though it only owns a third of the entire Pokemon GO investment.

Pokemon is also showering good fortune on Toho, the Pokémon Company’s long-time movie partner who will handle the distribution of the live-action movie in Japan after building a partnership with Legendary in distributing Godzilla to the country.

Meanwhile, Universal Pictures will deliver the Pokemon live-action film to other countries outside of Japan.

According to Deadline, several studios rushed into the race to get the rights for the filming of the franchise after rumors of bidding for the Pokemon live-action film emerged.

The outlet noted that quite a number of rumors about Pokemon movies have been circulating a couple of months back and had proven to be quite a big thing when it was confirmed.

With all these, Legendary appears to be the big winner in this thanks to The Pokémon Company International’s Don McGowan who brokered the deal and Greenberg Traurig’s Dan Black who provided outside counseling.

There is still no word as to when the Pokemon live-action movie is going to be released as well as what its title would be, but one thing is for sure — Pokemon fans will definitely catch it.

[Photo by Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images]