Alia Byrne And Pixee Fox: 15-Inch Waist, Eye Implants, 6.5 ML Of Lip Fillers — Duo Spends $127,000 On Plastic Surgery

Two women are getting plenty of buzz for the amount of money they’ve spent on plastic surgery procedures and lip fillers. One woman is Pixee Fox, who can be seen in the video embedded below. As reported by the Inquisitr, Pixee began to get attention when it was revealed that Fox had six ribs removed along with a plethora of other plastic surgeries to make her appearance close to that of a cartoon character.

According to the Daily Mail, another woman is getting buzz for her outrageous looks. Alia Byrne has spent more than $2,000 on lip fillers that have made her appear as though she has an exaggerated pout. However, instead of Alia, who is a single mother from Liverpool, wanting to tone down the enormous amount of 6.5 mL-worth of dermal lip fillers she has had injected into her lips, the 30-year-old wants bigger lips.

Alia also doesn’t feel as though her lips are that big.

As seen in the below photo, Byrne’s lips look extremely puffed up with fillers. The extreme amount of fillers that Alia has had injected into her lips might make readers wonder two things: Does Byrne suffer from body dysmorphia, and who would inject so much filler into her lips without denying her more?

The 6.5 mL worth of lip filler was injected within 12 months and was sought by Alia to give her the type of “dream” lips she always wanted.

However, Alia’s “dream” lips don’t look like a dream to everyone who sees her. Alia admits that she does receive weird looks at times from other people, but that hasn’t stopped Alia from wanting more filler in her lips. Byrne claims her lips have given her more confidence despite her mother advising Alia not to get any additional lip fillers.

The single mother of a 2-year-old little boy says that the lip fillers are her only indulgence for herself.

Prior to getting the enormous amount of lip fillers, Alia felt her lips were too thin. When Byrne turned 29, she made the decision to get big lips like the ones seen on the women on Instagram that Alia admired.

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Meanwhile, Pixee has spent more than $125,000 on her plastic surgeries, as reported by the Daily Mail. Therefore, between Fox and Alia, the duo have spent in excess of $127,000 on their procedures.

All those monies have not helped Fox and her best friend, 35-year-old Justin Jedlica — better known as the “Human Ken doll” — find love for themselves. The laundry list of 20 plastic surgeries that Fox has undergone includes having eye implants to change the color of her eyes.

As seen in the following photo, Fox received eye implants that would make her eyes a strange color.

The rest of Pixee’s surgeries are listed below.

“Two eye implants – $6000 (£4,100)

Rib removal – $9,000 (£6,000)

Four rhinoplasties – $19,000 (£12,600)

Four breast augmentations – $40,000 (£26,500)

Two liposuctions – $7,000 (£4,600)

Two blepharoplasties – $8,000 (£5,300)

One labiaplasty – $5,000 (£3,300)

One brow lift – $3,200 (£2,200)

One b lift – $12,000 (£8,000)

Cool-sculpting – $1,000 (£660)

Cheek injections – $7,500 (£5,000)

Lip injections – $7,500 (£5,000)

Total = $125,200 (£96,000)”

plastic surgery
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Some of Pixee’s operations were funded by her fans. Fox has a goal of making her waist only 14 inches. Currently, Fox has a 15-inch waist. Fox has been seen on TV shows like Botched, with Pixee growing as famous as her “Human Ken doll” best friend. Eventually, she wants to add more plastic surgery procedures to her long list of other cosmetic procedures. However, she first wants to take the time to rest up from all the surgeries she has already undergone.

“But right now I need to recover from all the procedures. I’m just going to eat and be happy – but by the end of the year I am going to go for it.”

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