‘Prison Break’ 2016 Reboot Cast: Will Season 5 See A Reformed T-Bag? Robert Knepper Says Character Takes ‘Fresh Angle’

Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell, masterfully played by Robert Knepper, was undeniably the most notorious character of the original Prison Break series. With that in mind, fans were incredibly pleased to hear that Knepper would be reprising his role as T-Bag in the show’s upcoming reboot. However, that character might not necessarily be the T-Bag that we all know and love, with Knepper saying that he plans to give a “fresh take” on T-Bag in Season 5, suggesting that the character may have been reformed since we saw him last.

According to Digital Spy, when Robert Knepper signed up for the Prison Break reboot, he asked creator Paul Schering to keep things fresh with his character.

Knepper was keen for T-Bag to have changed in some way or another over the last six years, saying, “What has happened to Teddy in the last six years, while he was in prison? Could this person change? How could he change, and how deeply could he change, and would he stay that way? I came up with a lot of ideas, that Paul and I talked about.”

While T-Bag in his previous incarnation was undeniably a fan favorite character, actor Robert Knepper was keen to keep things fresh by advancing the character’s story. As Knepper mentioned, his character had spent the last six years in prison while the rest of the gang were finally free. It’ll be interesting to see how the reboot deals with that aspect of the story.

Knepper appears to be actively involved in the development of Prison Break Season 5, acknowledging how difficult it can be to revive a show in 2016.

Knepper said that the only way for the show to be a success would be to keep it moving forward, adding, “The writing was on the wall with other reboots, that we were going to get slammed if we didn’t give them something fresh.”

Knepper went on to explain that while the reboot will maintain the same formula of the original Prison Break series, the characters have evolved and the entire show will feel more mature.



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Ever since Fox made the announcement of a Prison Break reboot, there’s been a good deal of concern around how the reboot would deal with the events of the original series. However, according to Movie News Guide, producers have promised that the new season will provide a reasonable explanation to the events of the show’s final season. The main protagonist Michael Scofield, played by Wentworth Miller, will have survived his apparent death, which wasn’t actually shown on screen, and is now working for terrorists.

With most of the original cast now confirmed to be making a return for the Prison Break reboot, they’ve been giving their take on the new season over the course of the past few weeks. Dominic Purcell, who plays Michael’s brother Lincoln Burrows has promised some “heavy shit” from the new season.

Fox has confirmed that Prison Break’s limited revival will return to the network at some point in early 2017, however, the network has yet to provide an exact date. They have, however, confirmed that Prison Break will be shown as part of their Tuesday night schedule. It remains to be seen whether or not Miller, Purcell, and Knepper will return for another season beyond this limited reboot, and that will likely be determined by how much of a success the new season is for Fox.

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