WWE News: Shawn Michaels Deal To WWE Reportedly ‘Not Done Yet’

Shawn Michaels is considered as the greatest sports entertainer to ever live. That includes Ric Flair, Triple H, Hulk Hogan, the Rock, and so many more that have come through the WWE. He’s main evented WrestleManias and provided millions of fans with “Match of the Year” candidates. After injuries and a spell without a smile, the Heartbreak Kid became Mr. WrestleMania and then Mr. Hall of Fame. Michaels embodies what the WWE is all about.

It was always a special occasion when Shawn Michaels appeared on WWE television. He is a part of so many memorable moments that it’s almost impossible to recant them all. The core group of wrestling fans in the WWE today are mainly younger. That basically means his matches with the Undertaker at WrestleMania 25 and 26 are their only memories of HBK. What’s crazy is the amount of memories he created before 2002.

Undertaker HBK
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Michaels has made random appearances since his retirement from the squared circle. HBK was the special guest referee for the Triple H/Undertaker match at WrestleMania 28. The bout was dubbed as the “end of an era.” Right after the Undertaker won, the legends stood atop the ramp and shared a special moment. One that was presumably a breath of relief that they had accomplished something so rare in a wrestler’s careers.

While his TV appearances aren’t set, Shawn Michaels is on the verge of showing up a lot more. In a recent article by The Inquisitr, HBK agreed to a deal to help coach at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando. However, a new report has surfaced that said Michaels’ return to the WWE landscape is not a done deal.

We have no been informed that the deal with Michaels is not exactly finalized and is premature.

Working at the Performance Center would be a full-time gig for Michaels and uprooting his family from Texas to Florida is not a decision Michaels was going to take lightly, especially with the new school year about to start.

In regards to Terry Taylor, whose position Michaels would be taking over, he recently underwent successful neck surgery and is back at the WWE Performance Center teaching his classes. It’s still unknown as to what kind of classes Michaels would teach if he signs the full-time deal. He is a master at nearly everything in sports entertainment, especially portraying raw emotion in his matches and promos. That’s something that can barely be taught.

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Michaels’ opinion is highly regarded in the sports entertainment world. The WWE Hall of Fame wrestler commented on WWE’s product following WrestleMania to Vince Russo, and his comments were candid.

“Everybody asks me, ‘Do you miss it?’ No, I don’t miss it, because what’s on TV now isn’t what I used to do. So it’s easy not to miss.”

He may not miss the WWE as much as the fans miss him. Michaels was a special part of the WWE, and the WWE Universe too. When special talents come around, the fans live vicariously through them. Shawn Michaels was in a class by himself, which is why he would be a great addition to the WWE Performance Center team.

Right now, Matt Bloom, formerly Tensai, is the head coach at WWE NXT and the Performance Center. He’s done amazing things for dozens of wrestlers and helped many in their journey to be WWE superstars. During Finn Balor’s departure from WWE NXT, he praised Bloom for the work he’s done. He and Bloom would do great things, along with the rest of the coaches and trainers in Orlando. Hopefully the WWE Performance Center gets a taste of the Heartbreak Kid soon.

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