‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Live Feeds Update Revolves Around Veto Results, Eviction Vote Tally

Big Brother 18 spoilers from the weekend have been nearly non-stop. The BB18 house has been packed with drama, and the CBS live feeds have been there every step of the way. These spoilers now include the results of the latest Veto ceremony, setting the stage for the next “live” eviction on August 18. With only eight houseguests left this summer, every move has become even more important for the houseguests, with several making major missteps in their personal games. As for the BB18 jury, it might lose a member if one houseguest follows through on their threats.

Fan site Joker’s Updates has been doing a great job of updating fans on the progression of Week 8 in the BB18 house. The latest update took place on Monday, August 15, as the site reported on how the Veto ceremony played out. Taking a small step back from there, Victor Arroyo won the Head of Household competition for the week, deciding it was time to go after Paulie Calafiore as his target for eviction. Victor nominated Paulie and Corey Brooks, putting the duo against one another on the block.

The Big Brother 18 spoilers continued to come out on Saturday (August 14), as the results of the Veto competition were revealed. Victor Arroyo won another competition, taking the Power of Veto, and further angering Paulie Calafiore, who said it was a “lucky” win. This meant Victor kept the power in his hands for the Veto ceremony, giving him an opportunity to either keep the nominations the same or attempt to backdoor another unsuspecting houseguest. When Nicole Franzel won the Care Package for the week, it may have made his decision even easier.

Victor decided to not use the Veto, setting up a scenario where either Paulie Calafiore or Corey Brooks will be getting a one-on-one meeting with host Julie Chen during the next eviction episode. As it currently stands in the BB18 house, James Huling, Natalie Negrotti, Michelle Meyer, Paul Abrahamian, and Nicole Franzel all plan to vote against Paulie. This will send Paulie straight to the BB18 jury, unless he follows through with his threats to quit the show if he were to get evicted. He will likely back away from statements seen on the live feeds that he would quit.

An additional report from Joker’s Updates reveals more possible Big Brother 18 spoilers for the coming days. Nicole Franzel spoke about how she feels everything is set in stone for the week, but that Paulie is going to “do something” before the eviction takes place. She didn’t clarify what she meant by that statement, but Nicole could be anticipating that Paulie is going to cause more drama in the BB18 house as the eviction vote gets closer. Maybe this is the season where CBS needs to put live feeds in the jury house, because more fireworks could take place there as well.

Unless something major changes in the next 48 hours, then it is going to be a unanimous vote to make Paulie Calafiore the fourth member of the BB18 jury. He will join Da’Vonne Rogers, Zakiyah Everette, and Bridgette Dunning in what could be a very uncomfortable jury house until someone new joins the group next week. Future Big Brother 18 spoilers could revolve around how pleased or disappointed that Zakiyah is when she realizes that she will be in the jury house for a month with Paulie.

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