‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’: Ray J And Princess Love Are Married But Will It Last?

Ray J and Princess Love married just one week ahead of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 3 premiere. Now fans of the VH1 reality show are wondering if the marriage will last or will the reality stars end up splitting up due to the pressure of bringing their relationship to TV screens.

During the Season 2 finale of LHHH, Ray J and Princess Love became engaged. As Season 3 begins, cameras will catch the newlyweds as they try to iron out a few details prior to saying their vows. One of the biggest issues holding Ray J back from marrying Princess Love is that dreaded prenup. The R&B star’s mom, who also happens to be his manager, is insisting that Princess sign a prenup before Ray J marries her. Naturally, the demand for a prenup plus the input of his mother will put a strain on the couple’s wedding planning.

Ray J’s mom has never been a big fan of Princess, and she won’t be quiet about it during Season 3 of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Meanwhile, Ray J doesn’t really want to demand that Princess sign the prenup, and he doesn’t want to upset his mom, who is just looking out for his best interest. Whether or not Princess ever signs the prenup is still unknown, and fans will have to watch the Season 3 premiere to find out.

Now that the deed is done and fans already know that Ray J married Princess Love, many wonder if the marriage will stand the test of time. It’s no secret that the pair had a rocky past and even had a history of domestic violence.

Princess Love made headlines just a couple years back when she and Ray J were involved in an altercation while staying in New Orleans. As the Morning Ledger reported, the couple got into a fight because RayJ was spending time in a strip club and Princess got upset about it.

Police ended up getting called when Ray J came out of his hotel room in New Orleans and had blood on him. Princess Love was arrested, and it was learned that Ray J suffered broken ribs and a torn ACL after fighting with her in their hotel room.

The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood couple ended up staying together despite the fight and heading back to Los Angeles together. It wasn’t long after that, though, that Ray J ended up calling for help again because Princess Love was threatening to commit suicide. Ray J was worried that Princess Love’s suicide threat might actually be real and said that he called authorities and took the threat very seriously because they did keep a gun in the house.

The relationship issues weren’t all about Princess Love and the domestic violence incident in New Orleans either. The couple fought often about Ray J’s inability to mature and to make Princess the center of his life. While the LHHH couple lived together in their own home, Ray J continued to keep his own apartment and Princess believed he was bringing girls back there to cheat. After much arguing, Ray J finally agreed to give up the apartment but not before admitting that he and some of his friends kept the bachelor pad around so they would have a place to throw parties.

Will Ray J and Princess Love be able to put their past relationship issues behind them and have a happy marriage? Love & Hip Hop Hollywood fans are watching and wondering if that is even possible. It’s no secret that getting married doesn’t fix existing relationship problems and in some cases, can make them even worse.
Do you think Ray J and Princess Love will be able to overcome the relationship issues of the past and stay together for the long haul? Tell us what you think of the latest Love & Hip Hop Hollywood newlyweds in the comments section below.

[Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images]