‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Returns With More Action, Drama, And Danger

Earlier this summer on Fear the Walking Dead, everything was falling apart during the dramatic and chaotic conclusion. As the situation at the ranch unraveled around them, the Fear the Walking Dead group found themselves separated and scattered in the wake of Daniel (Rubén Blades) setting fire to the ranch. Undead Walking shared that the world is broken, and that the group has now broken up, as well.

Previews for the second half of the season suggest that most of the Fear the Walking Dead group, although fractured, seems to be heading toward Tijuana, Mexico. Nick (Frank Dillane) is off on his own, blending in and traveling among the walkers. Madison (Kim Dickens), Strand (Colman Domingo), Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), and Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) drive to the city after Strand convinces Madison that they must move on. At this time it’s unclear where Travis (Cliff Curtis) and his unstable son, Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie), are heading, but their journey seems just as harrowing as the others.

What each of them finds on their arrival could either help them or put them in even more danger. Nick is helped by Luciana (Danay Garcia), who is the leader of a community in Tijuana. She believes that the walkers are not a bad thing, and the preview reveals that they have some strange ideas on how to survive.

There will be a Fear the Walking Dead marathon before the second half of Season 2 begins, and the pilot episode will kick it off beginning at 7 a.m. ET. To recap, Madison Clark was living with her two children, Alicia and Nick, and she was in a relationship with Travis Manawa. In the beginning stages of the zombie apocalypse Madison, Travis, and Chris meet Daniel, Griselda (Patricia Reyes Spíndola), and Ofelia Salazar when they are caught in the middle of a riot. When society begins to completely disintegrate, Nick is later singled out by the mysterious Victor Strand, who is eventually responsible for getting everyone out of Los Angeles on his yacht, the Abigail.

Strand’s goal is to get back to his partner, Thomas Abigail (Dougray Scott), who lives on a ranch in Mexico. After several harrowing encounters along the way, Strand and the rest of the group arrive at the ranch, but his reunion with Thomas is short-lived and bittersweet. As he deals with the devastating fact that Thomas was bitten and is slowly dying, Celia Flores (Marlene Forte) tries to convince him to take his own life. She believes that the two of them would always be together as part of the walking dead, but when the time comes, Strand ends his partner’s suffering with a bullet to the head. This brings down the wrath of Celia upon him, and at first she demands that they all must leave, but eventually she changes her mind and allows the others to stay.

Meanwhile, Madison and Travis are dealing with a relationship that is rapidly continuing to deteriorate. When Chris begins to act irrationally and threatens Alicia, the women are afraid to have him around. When Chris takes off, Travis follows him and finally tracks him down. Travis then makes the crucial choice to leave Madison and the others behind so he can try to help his son, who is now a danger to himself and to others.

The decision to stay at the ranch or to leave is taken out their hands when Daniel, who was slowly losing his grip on reality, sets fire to the ranch and frees the walkers held by Celia. As fire and walkers descend upon the Fear the Walking Dead group, they find themselves separated from one another. Madison is reluctant to leave without Nick, but Strand convinces her that they have to leave immediately. As the ranch burns, Hidden Remote shared that the survivors find themselves broken into three different groups, which sets the stage for the second half of the season as viewers follow the three separate stories of Nick, Chris and Travis, and the others.

If there is one thing that fans of The Walking Dead franchise have learned, it is that these characters will never find a place that is completely safe and secure. There will never be a place where they can settle down and call home, and if there was, someone would undoubtedly come along and take it away from them. Everyone in the Fear the Walking Dead world has their own agenda, and as the group is finding out, they must learn new ways to survive the dangers that seem to be around every corner, or they won’t last much longer. Whether they learn this vital lesson in time remains to be seen.

Are you a fan of the show? Do you think the group will eventually be brought back together again? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. Fear the Walking Dead returns with the first of eight episodes on Sunday, August 21 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

[Image via Fear the Walking Dead/Facebook]