Hugh Grant Shades Renee Zellweger After Press Mocks His Paunchy Beach Appearance

Most people who have been teased about their appearance learn what it feels like to be the butt of a joke and are less likely to poke fun at others. This is not the case with Hugh Grant, who was incredibly catty with Andy Cohen on WWHL when he alleged he did not recognize Renee Zellweger from her picture. He seemed shocked when Cohen had to tell him that it was Renee Zellweger, who starred in the Bridget Jones movies that also featured Grant. Hugh Grant’s shade throwing is odd because recently several online sources showed Grant at the beach, looking pale, paunchy, and pasty, weight-shaming him.

Hugh Grant is claiming that he was approached to play one of the lead roles in the new Bridget Jones movie but says he turned it down, and Patrick Dempsey was cast to play opposite star Renee Zellweger. There is no confirmation whether or not this is the case. The new movie’s hook is whether Bridget’s baby belongs to an ex (Colin Firth) or the new man in her life (Patrick Dempsey), and even Zellweger claims she won’t know the answer until she sees the finished movie.

Fans would think that Hugh Grant would be more sensitive about teasing people over flaws or changes in their appearance after several media sources poked fun at him this summer at the beach, referring to Grant’s face as jowly and lined with the headline, “Four Bellies and a Turtleneck,” as a take off on his film, Four Weddings and a Funeral. The pictures were terribly unflattering, and the article referenced his “dreaded middle-aged spread” and once again referencing his movie with “four bellies and a pair of man boobs.”

The frankly cruel article wonders where it all went wrong for Hugh Grant, who was once upon a time thought of as a matinee idol.

“So what has happened to make the Notting Hill star go downhill so dramatically?”


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The Daily Mail asked plastic surgeon Alex Karidis what Hugh Grant could do to get back to his former handsome state.

“This is a classic example of middle-aged spread. Sugar and alcohol consumption can lead to an increase in fat behind the muscle — fat known as visceral fat — which causes the stomach to stick out.”

As for his moobs (man boobs), the doctor said that some men get excess breast tissue as they age, called gynecomastia, and liposuction is the only thing that will change that.

Hugh Grant responded to the criticism of his floundering physique saying that after seeing the photos of him shirtless on vacation, he deserved to be fat shamed, perhaps validating his teasing of Renee Zellweger. Grant was on Howard Stern and said he was disgusted with the photos of himself on the beach shirtless.

“I was fat-shamed the other day and they were right. So I go to Spain, take my children into the water like a good daddy. They weren’t wrong – I looked shocking. It was awful.”

Whether or not Grant meant to sound snarky on WWHL when he played a game with Andy Cohen and claimed after seeing the photo of Renee Zellweger that he did not know her, it sounded shady.

“Who is the one second from the right, because I’ve never seen her before in my life?”

Grant had to be told that it was Zellweger in the photo, and he seemed to feign shock.

“Oh! Renee!”

Then Hugh Grant said of all of the women he had as co-stars, there wasn’t a down to earth one in the bunch. Hugh Grant must have been in some kind of mood that night because when a viewer named Jordan called WWHL and asked why Grant wasn’t in the new Bridget Jones film, and if it was offered to him, he suggested that the script wasn’t up to his standards.

“Well, that’s heavy Jordan. No they did, they did come to me a couple of years ago. And they had a lovely idea for a film. I’m particularly difficult and queenie when it comes to scripts, and I couldn’t quite make the script work for me, so they then made it without me. And I’m sure it’s brilliant.”

Do you think that Hugh Grant was funny or mean teasing Renee Zellweger’s appearance?

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