Paris Jackson Rocks A Bold Lip And Red Dress For Photo Shoot With Michael Snoddy

Paris Jackson is all grown up, and she is already doing photo shoots with her boyfriend, Michael Snoddy, a la Kylie Jenner. But, Paris is nothing like Kylie, and she proves that in her latest crop of photos posted to her Instagram page.

Paris Jackson, 18, took part in a PDA-filled photo shoot with her rumored new boyfriend. She took to social media to post the behind-the-scenes photos of a photo shoot that she and Michael Snoddy did for photographer Troy Jensen last week. In most of the photos, Jackson is seen wearing a bright cherry red dress with a black motorcycle jacket and black boots. Jackson topped off her look with her platinum blonde pixie haircut and bold lipstick as she embraced Snoddy in most of the photos.


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Meanwhile, Snoddy wore a red fur jacket with black ripped jeans. The musician completed his look with a jet black Mohawk.

Jackson then posted a collage from the photo shoot. It shows her hugging Snoddy, sitting on a bed with a female friend, and posing in the bathtub.

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According to ET Online, Jackson also posed for some new pics with DJ Caroline D’Amore on a bed. The two girls were seen playing around and snuggling in bed together. This time around, Jackson wore a black sheer burnout dress with black opaque tights. She finished off her look with dark lipstick and several layers of jewelry.

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Up all night with @parisjackson . #behindthescenes ???? @itstroyjensen

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Of course, it’s Jackson’s beauty that’s got everyone’s attention. Her new photos prove that she could become a model.

“Incredibly gorgeous,” wrote makeup artist Steve Oraha in his post of Michael Jackson’s daughter posing in a bathtub in a black T-shirt.

Jackson also shows off her multiple hand tattoos and wears several bangle bracelets on each arm.

According to a report via InStyle, Jackson looks absolutely stunning in the photos. With her punk rock style, tattoos, and edgy haircut, she has become somewhat of a beauty and fashion icon among her young fans. Not to mention, Jackson can pull off a bold lip anytime she wants.

Jackson updated all of her social media accounts with the behind-the-scenes photos throughout the day, and she was seen laughing and smiling with her boyfriend. It’s a far cry from the rumors that Jackson is on a downward spiral.

In one of the many Snapchat clips she posted, Jackson is heard saying, “Dressed like a hooker and fattening myself up with a burger and he still wants to kiss me (at risk of getting black lipstick everywhere), how did I get so lucky?”

Jackson and Snoddy reportedly met at an AA meeting earlier this year and have been dating ever since. Jackson has been struggling with the media attention ever since losing her famous father at such a young age. Rumors swirled earlier this month that Jackson could be headed for another breakdown.

Radar Online recently spoke to her father’s scorned doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, about her behavior. He said that that he doesn’t check social media and is not aware of the reports about her getting countless tattoos.

“She should make herself proud because her dad should be proud about her and what she has been about. I don’t know anything right now,” he said of her recent antics.

Then, Radar Online published the photos of Jackson and Snoddy caught with a case of Heineken beer despite the fact that they both attend AA meetings. An inside source told the outlet that Jackson’s family is now terrified of her rebellious behavior and feel that she may be headed for a downward spiral.

“Paris is 18 now and there is not really much that anyone can do to stop her. Of course her family is worried! They are absolutely terrified and have worried about Paris non-stop since her dad Michael died. But, up until now, they did not have any proof.”

Now that the proof is out there, it’s any wonder if Paris Jackson’s family will try to step in and save her for the sake of her sobriety.

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