‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 836: Will Big Mom’s Son Charlotte Cracker Fight Luffy And The Gang While They Escape Seducing Woods?

One Piece manga’s Chapter 835 ended with the arrival of Big Mom’s 10th son Charlotte Cracker, while Luffy and his gang were seen struggling to find their way out of the mysterious and animated “seducing woods.” Meanwhile, other members of the Straw Hat Crew, Pedro and Brooke, were seen arriving at Road Poneglyph.

Chapter 836 of One Piece is expected to reveal Luffy and his comrades emerging from the seducing woods after spending several installments running around in circles, but they will have to battle Big Mom’s son Cracker. Chances of the gang defeating Cracker appear quite high because Luffy has some serious help from none other than Big Mom’s ex-husband Buried Guy. Together, the gang will be heading to Totland, while Jinbe is expected to rescue Pekoms by controlling his brethren, the sharks that encircle Pekoms.

Warning: One Piece spoilers are ahead.

Luffy and his gang remained trapped in the seducing woods because of the eighth daughter of Charlotte Family, Brulee, who consumed the Mira Mira no Mi devil fruit. The fruit gave her the power to become any person’s mirror image. This caused Luffy to see multiple personalities of his gang, and he couldn’t decipher the original ones from their mirror images, further delaying his escape. Luffy appears all set to escape the seducing woods with the help from buried guy, who intimidates the trees. It is interesting how the original Nami appeared and spoke to Luffy.

Chapter 836 can easily be considered one of the pivotal ones that will reveal a major turning point not just for Luffy and Big Mom, but also for everyone else involved in the arc. While the escape from seducing woods can certainly be considered as major progress for Luffy and his gang, other major developments could include Sanji’s marriage to Pudding, one of Big Mom’s daughters.

Interestingly, reports indicate Sanji isn’t much inclined about the impending nuptials, and Pudding too doesn’t want to marry Sanji if he doesn’t like her in return. However, Sanji may not escape the marriage without blowing up his hands. In all likelihood, the nuptial will take place because of the ever-present Big Mom’s threat. In all likelihood, Sanji could lose a significant portion of his lifespan owing to Big Mom’s powers.

Big Mom is expected to reveal more of her powers during the wedding. Unfortunately, even if Sanji does marry Pudding, he might have to fork over a part of his lifespan to prove his alliance is unwavering with the Charlotte clan. Many fans have suggested that the manga creator just might save Sanji from the wedding with the help of Luffy.

Fans are undoubtedly waiting to see Big Mom’s powers explained. It has been routinely hinted that her powers have something to do with eating. In the latest edition, these speculations came true. It appears one of Big Mom’s many powers include devouring a person’s life force.

While One Piece manga creator Eiichiro Oda hasn’t explicitly explained whether consumption of the life force enhances Big Mom’s own life force or not, he has indicated that the force can be infused into non-human things to bring them to life. This would explain why the seducing woods were animated and tried their best to keep Luffy and his gang entrapped within for so many installments. It is quite likely the animated woods are powered by using a portion of every citizen’s lifespan that Big Mom devoured, reported Vine Report.

The life force that Big Mom consumed was distributed around the island to give the trees life and allowed the animals to communicate. Incidentally, Cracker’s powers also remain a mystery. Hopefully, his powers will be revealed as Luffy battles him alongside Buried Guy while trying to escape the seducing woods.

Do you think Luffy and his gang will finally manage to escape the seducing woods in the upcoming chapter? Will the Sanji-Pudding wedding take place under the watchful eye of Big Mom?

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