‘Deadpool 2’ News: Kyle Chandler, Mackenzie Davis Concept Art Sends Internet Into Frenzy

With summer blockbuster season come and gone it’s time to look to the future of comic book movies. And with that, the internet got some rumored casting news about one of the most highly anticipated sequels on the horizon: Deadpool 2.

As reported by Screen Rant, Mashable film reporter Jeff Sneider dropped the name of Friday Night Lights alum Kyle Chandler as the actor supposedly being “eyed” for the role of fan-favorite Cable. The character was all but confirmed to be in the sequel thanks to the post-credit scene in the first film.

Meanwhile, Sneider also reportedly named Canadian actress Mackenzie Davis as Domino on the latest episode of Movie Press News.

“Apparently, Mackenzie Davis is also being considered for the role, which Sneider describes as the ‘scene stealer of the movie.’ Shortly after Deadpool 2 was announced, Domino’s involvement began to be rumored. Similarly to Chandler, Davis is not a household name yet, but following her role in The Martian and upcoming role in Blade Runner 2, Fox could be capitalizing on her before she breaks out.”

And while the potential casting news has been met with mixed reviews, it’s one artist’s interpretation that’s got fans heads spinning. @BossLogic whose profile reads, “Kode – Artist / Creator of bosslogic, Inc / Doing what I love and it’s a plus it makes people happy” came up with his interpretations based on the Deadpool 2 casting rumors and it’s got the internet abuzz!

Deadpool was an out-of-nowhere juggernaut that raced out of the gate in February to a surprising $132 million opening weekend. It was recently bested by DC’s Suicide Squad, which opened to a colossal $135.1 million, but unlike the Margot Robie lead film, Deadpool had the kind of staying power Warner Bros. would kill for.

As reported by The Independent, Suicide Squad suffered a massive 67 percent drop off from its killer week one opening. And while it may still hold onto the box office lead thanks to slim competition, its downward spiral suggests the critics’ negative reviews impacted enough casual fans to keep them out of the theater. It’s likely that Suicide Squad will finish just above $300 million in total gross both foreign and domestic.

Deadpool, by contrast, earned a whopping $363 million domestically alone with another $419 million earned overseas to add to its bloated earnings total, according to Box Office Mojo. And unlike Suicide Squad (or DC’s other 2016 blockbuster flick Batman V Superman), Deadpool was loved by critics around the world.

Justin Chang from Variety called Deadpool, “A scabrously funny big-screen showcase for the snarkiest of Marvel’s comic-book creations.” Indeed, the fact that Deadpool was not a household name made its success even more astonishing.

Eric Eisenberg of Cinema Blend said, “Deadpool is going to endear a whole new audience to the vivid and weird character, while once again demonstrating the tremendous opportunity for variety in the comic book movie genre.”

But most of all, the reason Deadpool worked was that it was different than any other superhero movie that had been released to date. Whether it was Ryan Reynolds breaking the fourth wall repeatedly during the movie or making fun of both the X-Men franchises and Marvel movies that had come before, Deadpool offered filmgoers something completely different than they were used to, especially considering the potential for superhero fatigue given the amount of films being released by both Fox, Marvel, and now Warner Bros.

So it was only inevitable that Deadpool 2 get the green light and only fitting that other fan-favorite X-Men characters Domino and Cable will get their turn. And thanks to an internet artist, we get our first look at the possibilities.

[Image via Marvel Entertainment]