‘Vikings Season 4’ Return: Lagertha And Aslaug Come Head To Head In A Battle For The ‘Endgame’

According to the show’s creator, Michael Hirst, Lagertha and Aslaug will come head to head in the Season 4 return of History’s Vikings. The epic battle will play out as both women set their eyes on the endgame.

Spoiler alert: This article discusses the Season 4 return of History’s Vikings. Please proceed with caution if you wish to avoid potential spoilers.

For many fans of History’s Vikings, the relationship between Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) and his ex-wife, Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick), was something they were devastated to see end. In fact, even the show’s creator still wants to “ship” Lagertha and Ragnar. However, over the course of four seasons, the couple have remained separated. But, could the Season 4 return of Vikings see the pair finally reunited?

History's Vikings Season 4 Return Aslaug and Lagertha
Lagertha and Aslaug will come head to head in the Season 4 return of History's ' Vikings' [Image via History]

While the couple may not actually get back together, according to an interview Michael Hirst did recently with Entertainment Weekly, Lagertha has never forgotten the fact Aslaug stole her husband and her place in Kattegat.

“Viking society is, you know, pretty much based on revenge. There’s no point in me denying that this is a culmination of a storyline that goes back to season 1, that Lagertha has clearly never forgotten, or forgiven, Aslaug. And Aslaug has been, since Ragnar disappeared, has been sort of the ruler of Kattegat. But to Lagertha’s eyes, not an effective ruler, not a real ruler, not a proper ruler, for whatever reason. She hates her.”

Hirst explained that, for the two women, their relationship will culminate in a battle for the “endgame” in the Season 4 return of Vikings. Effectively, to Lagertha at least, the fight is personal, but it will also, potentially, decide the fate of the Vikings in general. Aslaug is very steeped in traditional Viking culture. Her beliefs are extremely rigid. Lagertha, on the other hand, while she embraces her Viking side, can also see the benefits of expanding into a Christian world where there is so much bounty for everyone.

The creator, who is also the sole writer for the series, likened Lagertha, and by extension, Ragnar and their son, Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig), to be on the “liberal wing of the Viking party.” Aslaug, on the other hand, along with characters like Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard), are more conservative with their “authentic Vikings spirit.”

What this means, is that if Aslaug were to win in the battle between her and Lagertha in the Season 4 return, the Viking culture would be frozen in time. If Lagertha were to win, she would be more partial to cross-cultural relationships, exploration and compromise with the Christians, thus allowing the Vikings to expand and evolve into the modern world.

Lagertha will find love again in the Season 4 return of 'Vikings.' The question is, how long will it last? [Image via History]

Lagertha may be angry at Aslaug for taking away her life in Kattegat — however, it hasn’t stopped her from searching elsewhere for something — and someone else — to fill the spot. Lagertha is now an Earl in her own right, having murdered her husband-to-be, Kalf (Ben Robson) on their wedding day rather than have a man dominate her again. As a result of this, the Season 4 return of Vikings will also see Lagertha find love with another woman.

As the Inquisitr reported earlier, Lagertha will become romantically involved with a woman called Astrid. This new character will be portrayed by Josefin Asplund. Lagertha has chosen this relationship in an effort to avoid a man trying to control her again. While this will work at first, Hirst has already suggested that Astrid may not be happy in the submissive role for long, wanting some of the power Lagertha wields as well.

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Vikings will return later in 2016, and the series has been renewed for Season 5 by the History Channel.

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