Fiery Death For Toys In ‘Toy Story 3’ Prank

Kyle Murphy - Author

Jun. 15 2013, Updated 7:38 p.m. ET

Everyone who has seen the movie Toy Story 3 knows of the nail-biting scene in which Woody, Buzz, and friends almost get burnt alive in a trash incinerator. For those who have not seen the movie yet, I apologize for spoiling the surprise of them being saved at the last minute by the little green aliens and their skills with a giant claw.

This was the kind of ending that you would expect from Disney, but one family decided to pull a rather dark practical joke on their mom by editing the ending slightly.

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According to NBC News, a YouTube user who goes by the username justinwwwalin and one of his siblings re-edited the ending of Toy Story 3 using the software program Final Cut Pro. They adjusted the ending to make it seem that the toys did not get saved and were left to fall into the awaiting inferno. The video of the prank on their mom has gone viral over the last few days.

Their ending doesn’t get too graphic, it just fades to black when the characters are holding hands and awaiting their doom, then role credits and happy music.

The young film re-editor says this in the midst of re-editing the ending:

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“Everyone knows at this part, when they’re about to go into the lava, the claw picks them up and saves them. Well, we didn’t really think that was a good enough ending…We thought it should end with them accepting their deaths.”

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After adjusting the ending, they then show it to their mother and other family members.

“Is that it?” their shocked mom asks after the movie. “That’s not it?“

“Isn’t that the saddest ending to a Disney movie ever?” the filmmaker responds. “They burnt alive.”

“That is so wrong,” replied mom. “Wouldn’t kids be … They’d be sad? It’s like devastating.”

Here is the viral Toy Story 3 prank that the filmmaker and his brother played on their mother.


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