Bruce Willis’s Series Of 2016 Box Office Failures, Quoted By New Catholic Book

Bruce Willis’s latest movies have been failing miserably at the box office. Precious Cargo, the Canadian crime film, has managed to pull only £86 million at the U.K. box office. The box office failure of Precious Cargo puts Bruce Willis in the league of other A-List Hollywood celebrities whose movies have failed to create an impact on ticket sales this year.

Perhaps even worse than the poor box office takings, fans have found it shocking to see Bruce Willis’s Precious Cargo garnering a rare 0 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. According to the Independent, a movie review attributed the failure to a poorly-written script.

Precious Cargo is so far-fetched, so camp and so crudely written that you suspect it must be intended as a spoof.”

The Bruce Willis film was also inexplicably made available to customers through other channels like video-on-demand services, which inevitably affected box office takings. In this modern age, many people — even Bruce Willis’s die-hard fans — simply prefer to watch movies from the comfort of their own homes.

The takeaway from this is surely that even a veteran actor like Bruce Willis can’t save a movie that would otherwise flop at the box-office due to a bad script and poor marketing.

Unfortunately, Bruce Willis’s other movies that were released in 2016 haven’t done too well financially, either. Marauders, the 2016 crime thriller, has garnered negative reviews and poor ratings from movie critics. Perhaps his recent flops will make Bruce Willis contemplate roles carefully before accepting just any future film projects.

In a way, Bruce Willis can be compared to his on-screen persona of John McClain from the Die Hard franchise because he refuses to surrender even after previous failures. Bruce Willis has come a long way since establishing himself as a talented actor by playing a private detective in Moonlighting, the 1989 American television series.

Moreover, his role in the Die Hard franchise has not only made him a household name, but it has also helped him to earn a place amongst the most bankable actors. Despite the failure of Precious Cargo and Marauders, Bruce Willis has once again geared up to play a private detective in Going Under, an upcoming action-comedy film about a private detective who has to confront a gang that has stolen his dog. According to the Daily Mail, Jessica Gomes, Bruce Willis’s co-star in the upcoming movie, shared an incident which shows Bruce Willis to be a kind and cheerful person.

Jessica was nervous while filming an intimate scene with Bruce as the actor was supposed to take the lead during the scene. Bruce Willis approached the nervous Jessica and cheered her up by explaining the intricacies of the scene, ultimately giving Jessica the confidence to act in the scene that had scared her initially.

Bruce Willis has not only cast a positive influence on his co-stars, but he has also earned the status of a highly regarded actor. In fact, DOCAT, the guide to Catholic social teaching, has included a quote by Bruce Willis in a book that has been launched on World Youth Day by Cardinal Luis Tagle. According to the Catholic Herald, Bruce Willis has commented on the judicious usage of the internet in today’s world.

“The internet is a place for searching, copying, and browsing. At worst it is a place for executions, sexual abuse, a place for data mining and privacy groups. More trivially, it is a world of escapist nonsense.”

Additionally, Bruce Willis still exerts an influence on his grown-up daughters who have taken up acting as a career. Tallulah Willis, Scout Willis, and Rumer Willis, the daughters of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, have followed their parent’s footsteps by featuring in movies along with their parents. And just like their father, all of Bruce’s daughter have their own fan following on the internet. According to Entertainment Tonight, Tallulah Willis and Scout Willis posted photos that showed them enjoying the hot New York summer by sunbathing on a lush green lawn, and enjoying the beach in Los Angeles.

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