Reality Steve’s ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers Wrong? Evan Bass Squashes Rumors About Engagement To Carly Waddell

Evan Bass didn’t have much luck making a love connection with Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher, and his attempt at wooing Carly Waddell on Bachelor in Paradise has been a big fail as well.

Carly friend-zoned Evan last week, but ABC has revealed that Evan will step up his game on Monday night’s episode (August 15) and try to win Carly back — despite the fact that she threw up after they kissed on their first one-on-one date in Paradise.

[Warning: Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 spoilers ahead]

Blogger Reality Steve states that Evan and Carly continue to give each other roses to stay on the show and eventually get back together and make it to the season finale. However, the Erectile Dysfunction Specialist recently squashed rumors about a rumored engagement to Carly, something that has fans wondering if Steve’s final rose spoilers are wrong.

According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, three of the five couples that made it to the Bachelor in Paradise season finale got engaged when the final rose ceremony was filmed in late June — Evan and Carly, Grant and Lace, and Josh and Amanda.

There seems to be a big question mark surrounding Evan and Carly’s post-filming relationship, mostly because the other two couples aren’t hiding the fact that they are together. Evan and Carly both live in Nashville, but have not been spotted together since filming wrapped, prompting “did they break up?” rumors online.

To add to the speculation, Evan is doing a good job downplaying their possible relationship on social media, and Carly isn’t giving fans any indication that she’s the future Mrs. Bass.

Last week, a Bachelor in Paradise fan asked Evan on Twitter if “a romance was sparking” with Carly, he answered with a simple, “No.”

Evan also made it clear that he wasn’t too happy when he saw what Carly had to say about him when she talked to producers on camera (otherwise known as ITMs or “In the Moment”).

Was that a telltale sign that Reality Steve’s spoilers are wrong and Evan and Carly ended their relationship on the season finale? Here’s the scoop on what fans will see in the coming episodes and some intel about Evan and Carly’s relationship status.

Evan’s tweets about Carly will make many fans think that Evan doesn’t have a chance with Carly. However, during the two episodes that air on August 15 and 16 (Week 3), fans will see Carly (slowly) reconnect with Evan after he ends up in an ambulance.

ABC’s synopsis reveals that “things take a shocking turn when one overly excited bachelor (Evan, of course) goes to extreme measures to win back his former fling, and his desperate actions bring both his crush and the medics rushing to his bedside!”

Desperate actions? That doesn’t sound good, but Carly “rushing” to Evan’s bedside is a hint that she wasn’t ready to give up on him despite the kisses that made her throw up.

Although the other two couples — Lace and Grant, Amanda and Josh — aren’t hiding their new relationships, Reality TV World reports that Carly and Evan may be playing by the rules. After all, producers are trying their best to keep the ending a secret despite the spoilers that have come out about the show.

“They both live in Nashville, TN, which must make the logistics of their romance pretty simple. However, Waddell and Bass appear to be following the Bachelor rules to the best of their ability by keeping their engagement under wraps.”

Carly recently posted (and removed) the photo below on Instagram, one that Reality Steve says was taken in Evan’s kitchen. Perhaps a producer asked her to take it down so there is at least one surprise at the end of the season.

It appears that Carly and Evan are doing their best to fool fans into thinking that their relationship didn’t work out, but Reality Steve is confident that they will get engaged during the final rose ceremony and they are still together now, a whopping six weeks after filming wrapped.

However, he does question how Evan is handling what he’s now seeing what Carly said about him when the show was taped.

“Yes, Carly and Evan are still together and engaged. Say what you want, but I have no idea how Evan is taking this… no guy in Evan’s position can possibly be happy watching that back. Well, unless of course you want to capitalize on endorsements and social media marketing and REALLY want to get married bad, well then, I guess you’ll put up with anything.”

Watch Bachelor in Paradise on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET to find out if the spoilers are true.

Do you think Evan and Carly are one of the three couples who get engaged this season? If so, will they last or is this just another made for TV relationship?

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