Sofia Richie Hacked After Justin Bieber Threatens To Make His Instagram Private

Sofia Richie claims her Instagram account was hacked soon after Justin Bieber threatened to make his Instagram private. Richie uploaded a photo to her Instagram account of a model rocking a gray Nebraska sweater with the caption firing back at whoever is infiltrating her Instagram account.

“To whoever keeps hacking my Insta. Ur an a******????”

Bieber and Richie have been completely inseparable in the last several weeks. Sofia uploaded photos to her Instagram account of intimate moments with Justin and trips taken around the world, including their most recent trip to Japan.

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The 17-year-old model has been overwhelmed with thousands of nasty Instagram comments. Sofia’s messages have been bombarded with snake emojis and super harsh insults.

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One long time fan was super upset at Bieber and Richie’s closeness in such a short amount of time, according to Us Weekly.

“You barely know Justin and he’s all about you. We’ve been here for 8 yrs & he’s putting US down for your irrelevant h** a**.”

Another commenter added, “Jelena forever,” fans made in reference to Bieber’s past romance with Selena Gomez.

Social media commenters and “Beliebers” have spoken and have shown their disapproval for the 17-year-old model. Bieber is displeased with his fans’ reaction to rumored girlfriend, Sofia Richie.

As a result, Bieber has threatened to make his Instagram account private if fans don’t start showing Richie respect. Bieber then uploaded a photo of himself with Sofia.

“I’m gonna make my Instagram private if you guys don’t stop the hate this is getting out of hand… If you guys are really fans you wouldn’t be so mean to people that I like.”

Bieber currently has 77.6 million followers on his Instagram account. This caused a ton of backlash amongst Beliebers.

“Where the hell is the guy who loves his supporters so much? Where’s the Justin Bieber who called them beliebers not just fans? Same old Justin Bieber who put people and things before his fans. Smh.”

Many of Justin’s fans seemed completely distraught and heartbroken. “Justin we are not just a fans we are a beliebers Justin pls we just want to you come back to us????????”

Now, comments on the photos of Sofia and Justin have been completely disabled or deleted. The hashtag #RIPBelieber is has been trending on Twitter. With all the controversy surrounding Sofia Richie, here’s a little more insight into this celebrity teen.

Sofia Richie’s Famous Family and Friends

Sofia Richie is the daughter of singer Lionel Richie and Diane Alexander, and the younger sister of Nicole Richie and Miles Brockton Richie. Singer Lionel Richie adopted Sofia’s big sister Nicole Richie when she was just 5-years-old, but had been raising her since the age of two.


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Sofia came into the scene in 2014 while appearing on big sister’s hit VH1 television show, Candidly Nicole. Nicole was annoyed that her little sister was unable to engage in real conversation because she was glued to her cell phone and social media.

Happy Birthday I love you sis ❤️

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Nicole then asks little sis Sofia if she wants to reach the next level in their friendship – “like Brenda Walsh and Kelly Taylor.” However, but Sofia has no clue who Nicole is talking about.

“90210 taught me everything,” Nicole screams!

Richie told People she used to steal famous sister Nicole Richie’s clothing.

“I would steal clothes out of my sister’s closet, like, all day. She would fall asleep and I would go in there and grab a bunch of stuff. I felt like a full-on thief, but I guess that’s what sisters are for: stealing clothes.”

Sofia Richie Is BFF’s with Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid

Sofia Richie has pretty much grown up with the Jenner sisters. Now, they are all working on their own businesses and modeling careers, according to Just Jared Jr.

My girls

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Sofia has graced the covers and inside of magazines like Teen Vogue and Nylon. Riche was also named the new face of Material Girl, Madonna’s clothing line.

“Just knowing these girls from playing at their houses and hanging out on the couch… just things like that. It’s really cool. We’re all working hard for what we do.”

Nothing makes me happier than being reunited with my bells ????????

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