‘Bleach’ Manga Not Ending With Chapter 685 -- With Peace In Soul Society, Spin-Off Series With ‘Bleach’ TV Could Be Announced?

Immensely popular Japanese manga Bleach was previously reported to end with chapter 685, but it has now been confirmed that it won't be the case. Instead of chapter 685, Bleach manga's chapter 686 could be the season finale, when it is released on August 22.

Fans of the Bleach manga were left extremely disappointed when they received the news that Bleach would end on August 22. However, with the makers hinting at something special for the fans in an "important announcement," the day the last chapter will be published, there have been consistent rumors of a possible spin-off series or even revival of the anime that was abruptly pulled off the air a few years ago.

The latest chapter jumps 10 years from the legendary battle against Ywach, the head Quincy for the "Thousand-Year Blood War" arc in Bleach. Kuchiki Rukia has become the leader of team 13, as peace settles on Soul Society. However, as many fans have consistently complained, there has been no mention or confirmation about what happened to Ichigo, who is one of the primary and central characters of the manga.

Bleach manga creator Tite Kubo is busy penning the finale for release in the final week of this month. However, though the manga is supposedly ending, the alleged final chapter will come with a special and major announcement from the creator himself. While neither the elusive Kubo, nor any member of his equally secretive team has divulged what they have in store for the millions of Bleach manga fans, rumors strongly indicate the anime is being prepped for a revival.

Moreover, there are persistent indicators that the anime will include events which are not in the original manga adaptation. In other words, the depiction of the manga in anime will offer never-before-seen-or-heard concepts and perhaps even the storyline. Fans have expressed cautious optimism about the news because despite the popularity, there have always been complaints about lack of highlights and hence, many suspect the anime may contain a lot of filler, which could further take the edge away.
[Spoiler Alert] The article contains spoilers about Bleach manga chapter 685.

Chapter 685 revealed the death of Ukitake. Kyoraku reminisces the incident with Yhwach while paying his respects at Ukitake's grave. Other captains, including Mayuri, Nemuri, Kenpachi, Ikkaku, and Yumichika are also seen in the penultimate chapter. Mystery surrounds Mayuri as he seems engaged in some activity in a secretive underground society, the information about which hasn't been divulged yet. Meanwhile, Kenpachi is seen strongly defending himself from the general accusation about his apparent lack of a sense of purpose and direction, and Shuhei, too, is having a hard time as he has failed to show his Bankai for 10 years in a row, reported Hall of Fame Magazine. While all the captains are seen lining up, Rukia arrives and confidently claims her title as a newly appointed captain.

Fans have been strongly voicing their concerns that the Bleach manga appears to be excessively rushed towards it culmination. All the developments seen towards the final chapters have left several voids and unanswered questions such as what happened to Ichigo and Uryuu's fathers, the full power of Kurosaki Isshin, and the Bankai skill of Aizen, reported Christian Today.

Is Bleach manga ending prematurely?

It is quite likely that the manga is being hurriedly terminated. While the manga's popularity is still high, it was the Soul Society arc that accorded the highest rating for Bleach. Many former fans of Bleach manga claim they stopped reading after the Soul Society arc and insist the comics should have ended when it was at its height of popularity.

If the makers and publishers of Bleach do announce a spin-off or an anime, what questions would you like answered?

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