Amanda Stanton Defends Josh Murray’s Family After JJ Lane Accuses Them Of Creating Twitter Accounts To Troll Him

While it remains to be seen whether Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton continue to the end of Bachelor in Paradise season 3 as a couple, and whether they’re still together today, some tweets that Amanda recently posted suggests that she has met his family, in particular his mom. On Saturday, Amanda defended Josh’s family, including his mom, after Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise alum JJ Lane accused them of creating Twitter accounts just to troll him.

On Saturday, JJ tweeted that he’s getting a kick out of Josh’s family creating Twitter accounts to troll him. Apparently, JJ has received quite some tweets that criticize him and are argumentative.

Amanda quickly defended Josh’s family. In response to JJ’s accusation, Amanda wrote that she’s pretty sure that Josh’s family members have lives and are too busy to create Twitter accounts just to troll him. Josh re-tweeted Amanda’s tweet.

JJ explained that the hateful tweets began after Josh’s mom tweeted him.

In response, Amanda pointed out that Josh’s mom probably tweeted him from her own account rather than a fake account. Amanda then poked fun of JJ herself by adding that no one cares about him enough to make Twitter accounts to troll him.

Josh got involved in the discussion himself. He seemingly agreed with Amanda’s opinion that JJ is thinking too highly of himself.

What are some of the negative tweets that has prompted JJ to believe that it’s actually from Josh’s family? JJ posted his accusatory tweet in direct response to a tweet that told him that he wishes he looks like Josh.

JJ Lane, who was on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of The Bachelorette and then on Bachelor in Paradise season 2, has garnered the ire of Josh Murray’s fans because of some of the tweets that he posted while recapping the latest season. On Tuesday, JJ poked fun of Josh’s smile by comparing it to that of the Pat Healy character in the movie There’s Something about Mary.

JJ also made fun of Josh’s business, selling and promoting Advocare products. JJ warned Amanda that she is now part of a pyramid scheme. JJ made clear that he thinks that Josh will be using, if he hasn’t already, Amanda as a distributor under him to make him money.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, when former Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman was still engaged to Josh, she helped promote the Advocare products and encouraged people to join Josh’s sales team.

Not surprisingly, JJ thinks that Amanda made a mistake going with Josh rather than sticking with Nick Viall. In response to a viewer who asked him if he thinks whether Nick or Josh was better for Amanda, JJ wrote that while it’s Amanda’s choice, he knows and likes Nick.

JJ Lane even defended Nick when another viewer tweeted that Nick seems like a stalker because he has “loved every woman in every season.” JJ pointed out that from the franchise, Nick has previously only ever dated Bachelorette stars Andi and Kaitlyn Bristowe. JJ added that Jared Haibon, regarded by many viewers to be a sweet and sincere man who’s really looking for love, has technically dated more women from the franchise than Nick. Jared was on Kaitlyn’s season of The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise season 2 and currently stars in the spin-off’s third season.

So far on Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise, Nick Viall took Amanda Stanton out on a date and they seemingly had a very good time with one another. Both expressed romantic interest in one another, with Nick going so far as proclaiming that Amanda’s the woman for him and giving her a rose to stay, which she accepted. Yet the next day, Josh Murray, who beat out Nick for Andi on The Bachelorette Season 10, returned. Josh, making it clear that he doesn’t care if Nick’s interested in Amanda, promptly took Amanda out on a date. Nick voiced his opinion that Josh was taking Amanda out just to irritate him. After Josh and Amanda returned from their very successful date, Josh engaged in a tense conversation with Nick in which he accused Nick of always wanting to bring drama and rubbed in how great his date with Amanda was.

On Tuesday’s episode, as Josh and Amanda engaged in some very heavy make-out sessions in front of everyone, Nick resigned himself to the fact that Amanda was now involved with Josh and that he, without someone to give him a rose, may be going home.

As the Nick vs. Josh feud played out on the show, Josh, who has been portrayed as “the bad guy,” has posted numerous tweets defending himself. According to Josh, he was unfairly edited. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Amanda later revealed that viewers didn’t see an important conversation that she had with Nick after the first rose ceremony. Josh later revealed that Nick and Amanda had agreed to date other people.

Both Josh and Amanda, in their attempt to defend themselves and clarify what happened between Nick and Amanda, then provided a major spoiler alert [Warning: spoiler alert contained in the next two links]. Via her personal blog, Amanda said that Nick told her right off the bat that he joined the show hoping to meet someone else and that he actually didn’t seem all that interested in her during their date. In her blog, Amanda named the woman Nick was interested in, a woman whom viewers will see join the show later on.

Josh Murray, meanwhile, posted the link to a Reality Steve article that reported on Josh’s mother defending him on social media. In a Facebook post, Josh’s mom wrote that Nick Viall told Amanda Stanton that he was there for someone else and that she should date other people. Like Amanda, Josh’s mom named the woman Nick supposedly joined paradise for.

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