Joe Jonas Talks DNCE, ‘Feud’ With Selena Gomez Over Ex-Girlfriend Taylor Swift

Almost a year after they released “Cake By The Ocean,” Joe Jonas still cannot believe how quick everyone came to love his new band, DNCE. In a recent interview, The Jonas Brothers alum opened up about his new music and alleged feud with Selena Gomez over his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift.

Speaking to Fault magazine, Joe Jonas shared that he preferred playing in a group rather than going solo. Unlike other singers who cannot wait to get out of their group to start their own thing, Jonas shared that has more fun singing with his friends onstage.

“It’s a fun vibe. But I do prefer playing in a group. There’s something special about our band.”

Just like other newer bands, Jonas admitted that they encountered several problems creating music for DNCE. Each of them had their own vision for the music and could not figure out “the vibe” they wanted for the new album. They also experienced quite a bit of a writer’s block. Things, however, started to fall into place when they hired new producers from Sweden who helped them “break the mold.”

DNCE’s first single “Cake By the Ocean” made Billboard’s Hot 100 and has been topping the UK charts for three straight weeks.

“It all happened very quickly and we’re really thrilled with the reaction and how things have happened so far.”

When The Jonas Brothers broke up in October 2013, Joe decided that he wanted to take a break from music. Although he was encouraged by many to pursue a solo career, Joe told Billboard that he preferred performing with friends rather than getting up onstage by himself. DNCE drummer Jack Lawless added that Joe has always been the type of person who performs for the sake of having fun.

“No matter the situation, Joe’s always searching for fun. What’s the point of being alive if you can’t have as much fun as possible all the time?” he said.

Joe Jonas had been very careful thinking about what his next step should be. In an interview with Paper magazine, he explained that he was not in any rush to revive his career; rather, he wanted to create an album that would create an impact on his audience. He is also well aware that there is some huge competition out there.

“I didn’t want to just rush back into things [after the breakup.] It’s very tough in the music industry to have a second chance and come back with new music that has an effect again.”

DNCE has been opening for Selena Gomez’s “Revival Tour” in Australia. Speaking to Daily Mail, Joe Jonas shared that he is extremely proud to see how far Gomez has come.

Selena Gomez Rocks a Revival After-Party with Joe Jonas in Auckland!

— Cambiar Celebrity (@cambiarceleb) August 14, 2016

Contrary to reports saying that there is bad blood between him and Gomez, following his break up with her best friend Taylor Swift back in 2008, Jonas explained that they were above all of that. After all, Jonas and Gomez started way back when they were Disney babies. He shared that there will always be an unspoken bond between them.

“There’s an unspoken Senior Year group of us that have gone through quite a bit. Whether good or bad we’ve lived through it and we’re still doing what we love so we kind of just tip our hats a little bit. It’s one of those things that you’ll always be cool with someone you’ve gone through so much with.”

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]