WWE News: The Miz Says Tim Tebow Could Be A Perfect WWE Star

The Miz was talking to ESPN about a number of topics this week and was asked his thoughts on Conor McGregor’s anti-WWE sentiments and thoughts about Tim Tebow making it in the WWE. When asked about Tebow, The Miz had an interesting take and believed that Tim could be one of the WWE’s top stars if he made the move.

“He would be the greatest bad guy we’ve ever had. In the world, he’s a good guy — he’s so good. In the WWE, he would bad because he’s so good. The WWE Universe likes bad boys.”

The WWE has already tried to create their own Tim Tebow in Bo Dallas. When Bo was in NXT, he was one of the most hated wrestlers in the brand but soon was hated as a heel because of his overly positive attitude, which included kneeling down and “Tebowing” in the ring. He held the NXT title and was a perfect heel.

Sadly, the WWE had no idea how to market Bo Dallas to the main roster and his schtick didn’t work as well in front of the bigger crowds. Instead of Bo being a huge heel like he was in NXT, fans didn’t care about Dallas anymore. With Tim Tebow, it could be completely different.

Fans outside of NXT had no idea who Bo Dallas is and many mainstream WWE fans still have no idea that he is Bray Wyatt’s brother. On the other hand, everyone knows who Tim Tebow is and if the WWE brought him in and booked him as a righteous and overly positive character, he would be hated instantly. Imagine the Right to Censor with someone like Tim Tebow in charge of the group.

Of course, if the WWE wants to sign Tim Tebow, they have competition. Tebow has still not given up on his NFL dreams, but he also has decided that he would love to try his hand at baseball. The New York Daily News reported that Tebow wants to play Major League Baseball.

The Los Angeles Angels wanted to draft Tim Tebow when he played baseball in junior high. At that time, Tebow batted
.494 but the Angels never drafted him because he never sent back his information card. Tim focused his attention on football, where he won National titles and a Heisman Trophy in college for Florida.

Now, at the age of 29, Tim Tebow wants to try his hand at baseball again. He plans to hold a workout at the end of August to gauge anyone’s interest at his baseball skills. None less than Gary Sheffield believes that Tim Tebow is a natural and he believes that Tim could be a major star in baseball.


With Tim Tebow’s broadcasting career, as well as his NFL and MLB aspirations, the WWE might not have much of a chance. There is no word yet on whether the WWE wants Tebow or if Tim has any aspirations at all of competing in the WWE. However, as The Miz said, he could be a major heel in professional wrestling.

The Miz said that he wants Tim Tebow to come to the WWE, and it wouldn’t be a shock if it ever happened. The WWE has signed names like Baron Corbin, Titus O’Neil, and Mojo Rawley from the NFL and they just signed Brennan Williams. While Tebow does not have the size of a typical WWE star, Tim Tebow could make up for it with the perfect heel character.

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