Jerry Seinfeld Talks Comedy With Lorne Michaels And John Oliver, Teases Possible ‘Bee Movie 2’

Jerry Seinfeld, the American comedian, has taken comedy to a new level through Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, his Emmy-nominated web series in which a guest comedian is driven in a vintage car to a preselected café for coffee. Every week, the former Seinfeld actor chooses a classic car for his special guest, who takes the audience down memory lane by sharing their life story on the ride.

Recently, Jerry Seinfeld invited fellow comedian Lorne Michaels, a host of Saturday Night Live and a regular of other live sketch shows. The two comedians conversed easily, mainly due to their shared passion for making their audiences laugh. According to the Daily Beast, Lorne spoke about the pursuit of a comedian to connect with the diverse audience through laughter and described the moment when a random “group of people” suddenly starts working together and gels to become one unit: an audience.

Jerry Seinfeld took Lorne Michaels to the beautiful dining room of Manhattan’s Monkey Bar in a 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing. Upon reaching the location, the two celebrities settled down to speak about their professional experiences over coffee. In Lorne’s opinion, the ultimate gold standard for a comedian is to keep on performing without caring whether the audiences like the act or not, bluntly making the comparison with monkeys at a zoo who completely disregard the opinions of the people who watch them.

The two comedians agreed that a comedian’s main focus should be on delivering a good performance on television while staying in sync with the new generation. Jerry Seinfeld’s conviction and passion for comedy – as well as his undeniable longevity in the entertainment industry – has made his newest show one of the most popular shows in comedy today. In fact, comedians like Stephen Colbert and even the current President of the United States, Barack Obama, have appeared on Jerry Seinfeld’s show.

According to the Daily Beast, one of the guests that Jerry Seinfeld was particularly delighted on have on his show was John Oliver, the English comedian and political commentator.

During the segment, Jerry drove John in a 1959 Triumph TR3 to a popular New York coffee shop, where the two comedians chatted away for almost 20 minutes. During their animated conversation, it was revealed that Jerry Seinfeld wholeheartedly agreed with John’s views that a comedian must perform a comedy act without any inhibitions or reservations. According to the Daily Beast, John Oliver spoke about his willingness to say anything to elicit laughter from his audience.

“The internal logic of comedy is really hard for anyone to understand from the outside. That you’ll do anything for a laugh, like a sociopath.”

Jerry Seinfeld also managed to get the Last Week Tonight host to open about his secret trip to Russia where he interviewed Edward Snowden on topics like government intelligence and spying. Oliver revealed that his trip to Russia angered both U.S. and Russian officials but, more importantly, the secret trip and the interview worried his wife Jessica Seinfeld, who was relieved to have her husband back home again after the trip.

Apart from making people laugh, Jerry Seinfeld is also busy teasing his fans about upcoming animated movies that he might just have a hand in. According to Pedestrian, Jerry Seinfeld tweeted about the sequel of Bee Movie to pique the curiosity of his fans.

“What about ‘Bee Movie 2’?
What’s going on with that?
Should I?
Any interest?”

In the original 2007 Bee Movie, Jerry Seinfeld, who also wrote the screenplay, portrayed a bee who falls in love with a human. In another post, Jerry shared a picture of a waitress who was wearing a shirt with the entire script of the original Bee Movie printed on it. Jerry is yet to confirm any news regarding Bee Movie 2, however, his tweets certainly have fans wondering whether an official announcement might be on its way.

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