Blake Shelton Racist And Sexist? Fans Take Country Singer To Task Over Tweets!

The Voice judge Blake Shelton is under fire this morning thanks to offensive tweets he allegedly posted in 2011. According to the Daily Mail, a social media frenzy against Blake Shelton started after fans uncovered tweets that were apparently racist, homophobic, and sexist.

In the oldest tweet, allegedly posted on October 11, 2009, Shelton noted that he tasted heartbreak for the first time 19 years prior, then said “I wonder what that fat ugly b***** is up to.” In the second tweet, dated March 11, 2011, Shelton claimed to be in a coffee shop in Los Angeles. Shelton allegedly said “I couldn’t tell he way gay!” after the man in front of him ordered a skinny caramel latte. The most inflammatory tweet came on March 38, 2011 when Shelton complained that he couldn’t understand the man speaking in the next room and demanded he either shut up or speak English so that Shelton would “at least know what he’s planning to bomb!”

This might not be the first time Blake Shelton has faced outrage over a tweet. According to Hollywood Life, in 2011, GLAAD went after the country singer for a tweet in which he rearranged the lyrics to Shania Twain’s “Any Man of Mine” into lyrics that many found homophobic.

It is worth noting that the tweets in question have been deleted if they were ever actually tweeted by Blake Shelton at all. Because the tweets no longer exist, their authenticity cannot be independently verified. That didn’t seem to matter to some now former fans, who have called for Comcast to dismiss Shelton from the NBC reality competition The Voice.

Yet there are scores of diehard Blake Shelton fans still clamoring for the country star to retweet or follow them on Twitter. In fact, the tweets of support for Shelton far outweigh the tweets calling for his dismissal.

Shelton is now a veteran judge on The Voice, so it seems unlikely that the powers-that-be at NBC will hand the country star his walking papers. However, even a minor scandal could upset plans that the executives at NBC had for Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. Fans may recall that Shelton and Stefani began a romance while taping The Voice last year.

According to Radar Online, the executives at NBC are pushing for Blake Shelton to propose to Gwen Stefani on air. Reportedly, an insider told Radar Online that the offer was made to Shelton and Stefani despite the fact that she won’t be returning to The Voice this season. While wedding bells are far from a sure thing in the couple’s future, sources say that Shelton isn’t ready to be separated from Stefani and has already asked the producers to bring her back for Season 12.

An on-air proposal could certainly bolster ratings for The Voice, which according to TV by the Numbers, fell to a series low in May 2016. While the fury over Blake Shelton’s alleged tweets doesn’t seem to be picking up steam, if the scandal blew open near the September 19 premiere date, it could hurt The Voice‘s already dipping ratings.

There may be more trouble in Blake Shelton’s future. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Shelton’s ex-wife, Miranda Lambert, is furious with the constant public displays of affection between her ex-husband and his new love. According to sources, Lambert believes that she’s being portrayed as the bad guy in favor of Shelton and Stefani’s sparkling new romance, and she won’t stand for it anymore.

It seems that Lambert took a comment Stefani made about how she and Blake had bonded while they were both going through divorces. Stefani divorced her ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale after she discovered that he had been cheating on her. Now Lambert intends to use her next album to set the record straight, possibly at the expense of Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani.

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