The Top 10 Best Movies To Watch on Netflix/Amazon Prime That You Probably Overlooked

Finding the best movies to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime can sometimes feel like a chore. Sure, there are the movies that are recommended on their respective landing page but often viewers have already seen them. Scrolling through the vast categories can be overwhelming and it’s easy to overlook a film and miss a hidden gem. Amazon Prime and Netflix often prioritize their original content above other mainstream movies; this often leads to high-quality movies being lost in the shuffle.

Clear History

This Larry David HBO comedy is done in the same vein as Curb Your Enthusiasm; so if you’re a fan of Curb then you will most likely enjoy this film along with the appearances from Bill Hader, Michael Keaton, Danny McBride, and Kate Hudson. This movie is available on Amazon Prime and Rotten Tomatoes sums up the movie’s synopsis.

The Top 10 Best Movies to Watch on NetflixAmazon Prime That You Probably Overlooked Clear History
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“A marketing executive at an electric-car start-up quits after an argument with his boss, but is crushed when the company hits the big time, so he tries to reinvent his life under a different name in the peace and quiet of Martha’s Vineyard.”

Clear History The Top 10 Best Movies to Watch on NetflixAmazon Prime That You Probably Overlooked
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Marathon Man

This movie is no stranger to film lovers but it is often overlooked by newer generations. This movie is often lost in the shuffle on Amazon Prime because of the vast selection they have to offer. The 1976 dramatic thriller, starring Dustin Hoffman, stands the test of time and will still give viewers chills; it could easily be argued that the fact this movie is 40-years-old makes it feel more real compared to modern movies.

For those that have seen this movie but it’s been a while, then treat yourself by revisiting this classic. Marathon Man is available to stream on Amazon Prime and the trailer reveals the intensity of this movie and will leave viewers asking, “is it safe?”

The Overview Effect

Okay, so this is not a movie but it is well worth the 20 minutes it takes to watch this short film. The Overview Effect, available on Amazon Prime, is footage filmed from the International Space Station and it is a stunning look at our planet from an astronaut’s point of view. Author Frank White coined the phrase the overview effect, and it refers to the cognitive shift that occurs when astronauts view Earth from outer space.

The Top 10 Best Movies to Watch on NetflixAmazon Prime That You Probably Overlooked Clear History The Overview Effect
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I Remember You

This fantasy-romance movie is available on Amazon Prime and it is about an unexpected romance that develops after a chance accident that transcends time. The movie ends probably the way you imagine it would but this film is all about the journey—and the journey is good.

God’s Pocket

This crime-drama, which also sprinkles in some dark comedy, is available on Netflix and stars the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, Christina Hendricks, and John Turturro. God’s Pocket is a movie about a man that tries to cover up the truth when his stepson is killed in a suspicious accident and a reporter suspects that something is wrong. This is a movie that will be most appreciated by viewers who have visited Philadelphia and the film does a great job of capturing the city’s essence.


Coherence is a sci-fi cerebral thriller and the less the audience knows about it before seeing it, the better. The movie is about a group of friends that get together for dinner and strange happenings transpire when a comet passes—we’ll leave it at that. If you haven’t seen this movie yet don’t go Googling it as you may run into potential spoilers; but chances are, you will need to watch it a couple of times, or Google it afterward to fully understand the ending.

Coherence is available on Amazon Prime, and if you haven’t seen it yet you should do so immediately. The movie trailer is brilliant and no worries, it doesn’t give too much away.


Bernie is based on a true story and stars Jack Black, Shirley MacLane, and Matthew McConaughey and it is available on Netflix. This movie is not mentioned as much as it should be when listing great dark comedies. This is perhaps Jack Black’s greatest role, and the film got a well-deserved score of 89 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Bernie takes place in a small Texas town and tells the story of an assistant funeral director who forms a friendship with a demanding, and wealthy, widow. Needless to say, he goes to great lengths in ending their friendship. What makes this movie brilliant is not only the incredible story telling, but it features real life documentary-like footage throughout the film of the townspeople giving their opinions of Bernie and the incident.

Bernie The Top 10 Best Movies to Watch on Netflix Amazon Prime That You Probably Overlooked
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John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid

This list of 10 best movies to watch on Netflix or Amazon Prime wouldn’t be complete without a standup comedy special—even though it’s not technically a movie. John Mulaney, formerly of Saturday Night Live, provides plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. His bit on pitching the movie idea for Back to the Future is worth the watch alone.

Kung Fury

Chances are, if you have skimmed through Netflix then you have seen the ridiculous photo preview of Kung Fury, and most likely you skipped over it. Anyone who is a fan of the 80s will get a kick out of this crowd-funded film. The Netflix synopsis of Kung Fury sums it up best.

“A Miami Detective imbued with ninja superpowers travels back in time to kill Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in an arcade game-style war.”

The movie is 30 minutes of hilarity and is jam-packed with 80s references and nostalgia and is a must for anyone who dropped a quarter in an arcade game.


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Zombeavers is as ridiculous as it sounds and the title alone may tempt you to skip over this movie; but in doing so you will miss out on a hidden gem. This comedy-horror film earned a score of 69 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and is quickly becoming a favorite among comedy-horror movie fans. The film is about three college girls who take a trip to a remote cabin, of course, and they have to fight for survival against—you guessed it—zombie beavers.

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Netflix and Amazon Prime release new movies on a constant basis and many get lost in the shuffle. Many viewers find themselves searching on Netflix longer than they want to just to find a movie they have yet to see. The best movies to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime doesn’t have to be a time-consuming hunt now that you have ten more movies to add to your watch-list.

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