‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Paulie Continues To Unravel In The ‘BB18’ House, Paul Claims Michelle Is ‘Sketchy,’ And Victor Refuses To Listen To Paulie

Big Brother 18 live feed viewers received an early Christmas present when Paulie Calafiore self-destructed and nearly asked production to go home overnight. He appeared to be close to his personal limit but managed to stick it out. Right now, he is barely hanging in there and has very little hope that he can survive this week’s eviction.

Big Brother Network reports that Paul Abrahamian suspects that Paulie tried to convince Michelle Meyer to vote to keep him over Corey and worried that somehow Paulie could survive eviction this week. Victor Arroyo, current HOH, refuses to change the nominations, thus removing all hope that Paulie will survive this week on Big Brother. His only hope is he has the return ticket to get back in the game.

On Thursday, August 11, Victor won the HOH competition, giving him the chance to nominate two people for eviction. Paulie believed that he was controlling the Big Brother house and urged Victor to put Michelle and Natalie Negrotti on the block. Victor had bigger plans and decided to take aim at Corey Brooks and Paulie.

Big Brother 18 spoilers indicated that Corey and Paulie knew they needed to win the POV (Power of Veto) but ended up coming up empty-handed when Victor won the Zingbot for President Veto competition. After the Veto competition, Paulie unraveled as it slowly sunk in that he may not be able to survive Week 8 in the Big Brother house.

Online Big Brother reports that Paulie tried to convince Michelle to keep him over Corey. She disclosed that he made sense, but the house wants him out this week. Paulie admits his only chance is if Victor will take Corey off the block and renominate Natalie. He thinks he could rally the votes to evict her. Michelle tells him that he has to do what’s best for his game and encouraged him to fight to stay in the house. Somehow, Paulie translated that into Michelle was on his side, and would vote to keep him.

Later, Natalie tells Paul that she’s worried about Michelle’s loyalty because she saw her talking to Paulie for over two hours. She noted they were “whispering and acting sketchy together.” Paul agrees that they should stop feeding her information, and just tell her what she needs to know. At this point in the Big Brother game, they still need her for a number to oust Nicole Franzel and Corey.

Online Big Brother explains that Paul plans on telling Zakiyah Everette everything Paulie said about her to him. Apparently, Paulie made fun of how she did everything he asked and called her a “s**t stain.” He hopes it will open her eyes where Paulie is concerned.

Big Brother spoilers tease that Victor stated that he doesn’t plan on using the Veto this week. He explains he gave them the opportunity to fight for their safety, and they lost. Now, it’s time for Paulie to go to the jury house.

“I have them both equal opportunity to take themselves off the block with the Veto comp. I am an equal opportunity player. I am sticking to my guns and the noms will stay the same.”

Online Big Brother reports that Paulie approached Victor outside while he was working out, He begged him to remove Corey from the block and renominate Natalie in his place. Paulie explained he’s not asking for Victor to take him off the block, but Corey shouldn’t be on the block with him because he “can’t campaign” against his friend. Paulie explained that even if he has the round trip ticket, he’s “checked out of the game” so he doesn’t care about winning Big Brother anymore. He went on to say that he isn’t staying in the jury house nor is he making any pies.

“I ain’t staying in that f*****g jury house. Pawns are there for a reason because no one is going to send them home. If not for anything I just don’t want to go out like a rolled over dead dog. I’m not about to be cooking a bunch of dumb pies, either.”

Paulie continued to try to convince Victor to change his mind and take Corey off the block. Victor tells him basically that he isn’t going to budge, and it’s paybacks for evicting him earlier in the Big Brother season. Paulie tries to argue that his reason for playing Big Brother is for his aunt that has cancer and to pay off his mother’s mortgage. Victor tells him that it doesn’t matter if Corey is on the block or not, he’s not leaving the Big Brother house. The target is him (Paulie), and everyone, including Nicole, will vote him out.

“I still had a chance and I got voted out 9-1. You put me up as replacement nom.. I didn’t even get a chance to fight in the veto..you didn’t give me a chance.. so stop asking me to keep giving you a chance. I’m not trying to be rude. When I went… I went home.. no jury.. no more paycheck for me. I’m broke.. I need the money unlike you.”

It looks like Paulie has very little options other than turning on Corey and blowing up his game. He has stated numerous times he will not do that. Victor basically shut him down and told him the more he tries to convince him to use the Veto, the less sympathetic he is towards Paulie.

Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate that the pressure of not getting his way finally was too much for Paulie to bear; he starts to cry. Paulie tells James Huling that just because he cries doesn’t mean he is less of a man. James agrees and tells him to try to maintain control of his emotions.

“Your boy’s got mad emotions. I aint afraid to be upset. Doesnt mean I’m any less of a man.”

Big Brother 18 fans, do you think Paulie has a chance to survive eviction this week? Who would you vote out, Corey or Paulie? Stick with the Inquisitr for more Big Brother 18 spoilers, news, and daily live feed updates.

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