Chris Brown Wins Legal Battle Against Baby Mama Nia Guzman, Maintains Joint Custody Of Daughter Royalty

Chris Brown has secured another legal victory in his ongoing custody battle with baby mama Nia Guzman after the mom-of-two was denied full custody of their 2-year-old daughter, Royalty Brown, during a court hearing on Sunday.

Just three months after a judge denied Guzman’s request to reduce the amount of time that Chris Brown is allowed to spend with Royalty, Nia and Chris were spotted back in court today to hash out the terms of their current custody agreement and determine whether or not Nia is entitled to an increase in child support from the “Grass Ain’t Greener” singer.

According to sources close to Brown, Chris emerged victorious following the duo’s court battle after a judge denied Nia’s request to obtain full custody of Royalty and reinstated the duo’s current joint custody agreement, TMZ reports.

In addition, sources note that the judge also denied Nia’s request to force Brown to have supervised visitation during his scheduled 12 days per month with the toddler and denied the model’s request to prevent Chris’ mother, Joyce Hawkins, from seeing her granddaughter. Guzman also sought mandatory drug testing for Chris Brown following previous allegations that the singer’s marijuana use had given their daughter asthma, although the judge struck down Nia’s request for drug screening.

As a result, Chris Brown will maintain his current joint legal and physical custody of Royalty and will continue to see his daughter for 12 days out of each month without undergoing mandatory supervision.

Sources close to Brown also revealed that while the duo was scheduled to have a separate hearing for child support at a later date, Nia Guzman ended up dismissing her support petition that aimed to increase Brown’s monthly payments to her from $2,500 to nearly $16,000. Similarly, when Nia initially filed legal documents seeking a change to the duo’s current custody agreement earlier this year, the judge ordered Chris Brown to pay Nia $20,000 in order to cover her legal fees, but has since been issued a credit given Guzman’s recent string of defeats in the custody battle.

The news comes just weeks after Nia Guzman opened up about the status of her co-parenting efforts with Chris Brown during an interview with Latina Magazine, telling the publication that while there may be some “negativity” between herself and Brown, she tries her best to shield daughter Royalty from the media attention surrounding their ongoing custody battle.

“She adores him. Especially when he’s on the road. She always wants to call him,” Guzman explains of daughter Royalty and Chris Brown. “She’s pretty attached to him. I think it’s a very intimate and beautiful relationship that they have.”

“I’m doing all I can to co-parent and make sure Royalty will never see any negativity me and him have,” Nia continues. “No matter what issues we have, I will always be 100 percent for him to be there and be hands-on.”

Nia further explained that contrary to public opinion, her goal is to encourage Chris Brown to be more hands-on with their daughter so that she can pursue her own endeavors.


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“I have some things coming up. [I have] a jewelry line and a clothing line that I’m trying to put in motion at this time, along with school. So I plan to be really busy in the year coming up,” Nia explains.

Currently, Chris Brown has yet to speak out regarding the outcome of his court hearing with Nia Guzman.

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