George Clooney And Amal Clooney Now Considered Hypocrites?

George and Amal Clooney have ensured to stay busy in their respective careers. George is a notable Hollywood actor while Amal, though a stunner on many red carpets alongside her husband, represents many high profile clients as a human rights barrister.

The pair have made a point to do their part to draw attention to the horrific situation in many war-torn nations and have advocated for the passage of refugees into Europe and North America. George and Amal even met with Germany’s Angela Merkel to show support in her initiative in the open doors policy within the nation.

However, there has been a scenario that has caused Amal and George Clooney to be termed hypocrites seeing as a refugee crisis has pretty well turned up on their own lavish doorstep. The pair owns a villa in the gorgeous Lake Como region that they often spend a good deal of time at. Recently the power couple has attended a fundraiser in Italy near Lake Como. The lavish affair was held to help raise money for Darfur, a war-torn nation in Africa that Clooney has helped raise money for overt the past several years now.

Amal and George have great intentions to demonstrate support for those who are struggling through war and with the terrible circumstances that result, including being displaced from their homes, yet a refugee situation, as noted, has been set up in their very luxurious Italian vacation town, and the pair has not helped one bit. Celebrity Dirty Laundry notes the situation in Lake Como.

“[A] massive makeshift refugee camp has been set up in Lake Como near George Clooney’s home and so far he and his wife Amal Alamuddin have done and said very little about it. The refugees come from Arab, African and Asian nations and was triggered after the Swiss government decided to close its southern border with Italy.”

Apparently the refugee crisis is not on the Clooneys list of priorities when it shows up in their own back yard. The pair continue to sip champagne on friends’ luxury yachts and attend 5-star dinners while refugees camp out only a few miles from their own multi-million dollar home.

The publication states that everything that George and Amal Clooney partake in is staged for media attention and that the ironic situation that has developed truly shows that their words and advocacy involve no intention to act and truly assist in the moment of crisis. Clooney, who has used his celebrity leverage on a number of occasions, has not used it in this case to assist those searching for a better life.

As The Sun U.K. recently reported, at least some people of the elite and exclusive town are attempting to welcome and assist the refugees.

“Lake Como has long been a destination favored by the powerful and wealthy, many of whom are attracted by its stunning lakeside villas built in Roman times. Roberto Bernasconi, from a local Catholic charity, said: ‘We are helping them with food, clothing and we are also mounting showers. But it is very difficult, we do not know how to welcome all'”

Roberto went on to relay just how many refugees have made their way to the town, and are gathering around the railways, noting that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to assist.

“In the Como diocese we have over 2,000 migrants in the facilities – there is no room. I do not know how much longer we can bear the brunt of this mass of people who would like to cross the border but who are not willing to leave Como.”

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]