Has ‘Teen Mom 2’ Javi Marroquin Moved On After Split With Kailyn Lowry?

Sorry, Teen Mom 2 fans! It looks like Javi Marroquin may not be on the market much longer after his split with Kailyn Lowry, according to Radar Online.

Javi Marroquin, estranged husband to Kailyn Lowry, has already moved on with another woman just days after he finally returned home from his deployment. According to Javi Marroquin, Teen Mom 2 fans have no reason to jump the gun about this being a serious relationship. In fact, Javi claims he did go out on a date with the woman, but the two are nothing more than friends at this time. Javi says the two are taking things slow as they both have a lot going on.

Is it too soon for Marroquin to be engaged in another relationship after splitting up with Lowry back in May? According to Javi, the reason why he is dating so soon after returning from being deployed and ending his marriage with Kailyn is because he “loves being in a relationship.”

“I love to love,” he said. “I love sharing experiences with one person.”

At this time, Teen Mom 2 star Javi Marroquin is refusing to reveal the mystery woman’s name. He claims dating is a little different for him now as he has to think about his son Lincoln and his stepson Isaac while he dates.

According to Radar Online, Javi appears to be a responsible single parent when it comes to dating as he tells the girls right up front about his situation. He claims his choice of female is going to be different than it may have been a few years ago as he needs to find someone who would be fine with being in his son’s life at some point in time. He claims it is a huge change for him to make when it comes to dating.

At this time, Javi has not talked to Lowry about when he has plans to introduce his new woman to their son. However, it would appear as if Javi may be waiting until the relationship is a little more serious before he introduces his son to any women.

Teen Mom 2 star Javi Marroquin also opened up about the plastic surgery his ex-wife Kailyn Lowry underwent. According to Javi, he knew the marriage would end when Kailyn got all of the plastic surgery and body work done because he knew it would change who she was as a person.

Radar Online reported that Javi has made the decision to write a book to tell everything about what exactly it was that Kailyn did to cause the marriage to end. In announcing his plans to write this book, Javi seems to place the blame of the marriage ending exclusively on Kailyn’s shoulder. He, at this time, refuses to confirm or deny whether Kailyn cheated on him and if that had anything to do with the end of the marriage.

Javi even had a brief statement to make about the same-sex kiss Kailyn shared with Becky Hayter shortly after the divorce was announced. It would appear as if this Teen Mom 2 father had virtually no opinion on Kailyn kissing another woman. While he did say it was stupid, he claimed it was Kailyn’s own image she would be destroying and it had little to do with him.

It would appear as if Teen Mom 2 Javi Marroquin is ready to move on from the drama associated with his ex-wife, Kailyn Lowry. While he is never going to be able to escape her completely as they have a son together, he appears to be trying to put some distance between them by claiming her image no longer has anything to do with his image.

Do you think it is too soon for Javi Marroquin to be dating after just returning home from deployment? Should he have taken a little time to soak in the fact that his marriage was over before he started going out with other women? Or, do you think he is entitled to be dating other women because Kailyn appeared to waste no time at all pursuing other love interests?

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