Calafiore Family, ‘Big Brother’ Legends React To Paulie Calafiore’s Bad ‘Big Brother’ Game

Paulie Calafiore’s Big Brother game could be over, but his family is not giving up hope. The one time BB18 frontrunner has all but blown up his chances of furthering his game and could be at the mercy of the round trip ticket envelope should he be evicted from the Big Brother game later this week. But even though Paulie’s game is looking grim, the Calafiore family is shutting down the haters.

Spoilers are included in this article.

Now that Paulie Calafiore is on the block, his brother, Big Brother 16 runner-up Cody Calafiore, took to Twitter to post that he is not letting his sibling’s dire situation ruin his weekend. Calafiore also added that he is confident that Paulie has the round trip ticket in his possession, which would send him right back into the Big Brother house should he be evicted.

Paulie’s dad, Paul Calafiore, also hit Twitter to defend his son. While Paulie is receiving a lot of hate right now due to some of his comments in the Big Brother house, Papa Calafiore says he will support his family through good and bad.

Paulie’s mentor, Big Brother 16 winner and Calafiore family friend, Derrick Levasseur, has been Team Paulie since day one. But Derrick did stop short of defending Paulie’s language and attitudes.

Other Big Brother alums have been far from nice when it comes to Paulie Calafiore’s unfortunate position in the Big Brother house. One of the most vocal haters has been BB legend Evel Dick Donato. Donato has been taunting Calafiore by referring to him as “Pauline,” and he posted that Paulie is being outplayed by the females in the house and that he wasn’t “bred to play Big Brother.”

Donato also tweeted a photo of Paulie Calafiore crying after he learned his fate in the Big Brother house. Calafiore’s former Big Brother housemate Jozea Flores also chimed in about Paulie’s crying.

One of the most vocal anti-Paulie Big Brother alums has been Andy Herren. The Season 15 winner called out Calafiore for his behavior on the CBS reality show.

“Paulie exemplifies how arrogant a**holes get comfortable and then show their true colors. I bet he’s a monster in relationships,” Herren tweeted.

Herren also posted a snap of Paulie Calafiore crying now that he realizes he is no longer running the house.

Much has been said this season about Paulie Calafiore trying to emulate Derrick Levasseur’s Big Brother game from two years ago, but he clearly didn’t follow the formula. Paulie’s first mistake was to get involved in a showmance—something his mentors warned him not to do. After he threw his showmance, Zakiyah Everette, under the bus, his game went downhill when the other houseguests called him out for being a puppet master. When Paulie lost the support of his PP alliance pal, Paul Abrahamian, it was obvious that he was in deep trouble.

Cody Calafiore told TV Guide that he knew Paulie wouldn’t play the game with the same loyalty that he did. Cody famously took Derrick Levasseur to the end of the game with him instead of letting floater Victoria Rafaeli—an opponent he would have easily beaten—advance to the Final 2. Levasseur ended up winning Big Brother that season, so that choice cost Cody $500,000.

“[Paulie] and I are like polar opposites,” Cody told TV Guide. “We look the same, sound the same, our morals are obviously the same, but Paulie would’ve never taken Derrick to the end! He’d be like, ‘Hey bro, we’ll mend this relationship after the show. I’m going for the money.’ He would not do what I did.”

Cody advised Paulie to work on his social game. He also told him to listen to everything Derrick told him.

“I gave my advice to Paulie, and then Paulie talked to Derrick for like two hours!” Cody revealed. “Paulie told me everything that Derrick said and I was like, ‘Listen, that’s why he won. That’s why he won it.’ I was like, ‘Be social like I was, and then listen to everything else Derrick says.'”

Fans have been quick to point out that Paulie Calafiore is not playing either his brother’s or Derrick’s game. In fact, Paulie could go down as one of the most hated Big Brother players of all time.

While he started off strong, Paulie Calafiore quickly veered off course. His showmance with Zakiyah blew up and so did his relationships with just about everyone else in the house. With virtually no allies left, Paulie Calafiore is now a dead man walking, unless that round trip ticket turns up to save his Big Brother game on Thursday night’s live eviction episode.

Take a look at the video below to see Paulie Calafiore getting called out by his BB18 housemates.

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