Kylie Jenner's Racy Beach Photos Spark Butt Implant Rumors

Kylie Jenner has been showing off her curvy butt a lot lately. The starlet has been on vacation in the Bahamas with her friends and boyfriend, Tyga, in the midst of her 19th birthday.

Of course, Kylie Jenner's latest vacation doesn't come without some bikini photos. The reality star has been showing some major skin in her latest slew of bikini photos. Jenner has been flaunting her body in a series of bathing suits that show off her ample bottom. Jenner's latest photos have her being compared to Kim Kardashian. According to Hollywood Life, Jenner wore a bright red Baywatch-inspired swimsuit that barely covered her bottom, as you can see in the photo below.

The report also noted that Kylie was all over her boyfriend Tyga on the sand and in the water. The couple was seen smiling and hugging for the paparazzi. In addition, an insider told the celebrity gossip blog that Kylie and Tyga are doing much better these days.
"[Tyga] and Kylie are living it up! They're even calling it their little honeymoon. They're eating extravagantly. They're laying up in each other's arms, kissing and cuddling."
This comes after Jenner was photographed grinding on Tyga on the beach in a scandalous photo first published on TMZ. They previously traveled to Turks and Caicos when she turned the big 1-9 on Wednesday, Aug. 10. But Jenner and her man weren't totally alone on the beach. She brought along her BFFs Hailey Baldwin, Bella Hadid, and her sister Kendall. During that time, Jenner was photographed wearing a neon peach thong bikini that barely covered her assets, notes Radar Online. Even one of her friends photographed her as she posed in and out of the water.The photos, which were dubbed "raunchy" and "X-rated" by media outlets, had fans wondering if Kylie got butt implants.

"I want whatever Kylie Jenner has to get a bum like that," wrote one fan.

Of course, this isn't the first time that the famous teen has been flaunting her bum. Earlier on in the week, Jenner was seen getting cheeky with her friends and sister in the sand. According to another Hollywood Life report, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, and Bella Hadid flaunted their own behinds during Kylie Jenner's beach vacation. All three ladies turned their backs to the camera, showing off their curvaceous booties.
Back in July, Kylie made the butt implant rumors swirl when she showed off her new haircut. She took to Instagram to show off her blunt bob. According to WetPaint, Kylie's hair is not the only thing that looks different these days. The starlet's backside has been looking curvier than ever in recent Snapchat and Instagram posts, causing fans to wonder if she's had enhancements from the plastic surgeon.For the past year, there have been rumors that she's got butt injections and breast implants. However, Jenner has denied the rumors and claims that she has gained weight and only uses PureLeef natural breast and butt cream to "help maintain and accentuate curves."Hollywood Life spoke to top dermatologist Dr. Tabasum Mir, who has never treated Kylie, about the plastic surgery rumors back in December. While Kylie has claimed to only have had her lips done, Dr. Mir believes she's lying and she's had work done on both her hips and behind.
"What bothers me is when people say it is natural or they were born like that. You give this false information to all these young girls."
Even New York City-based dermatologist Rob Shuter agrees, as seen in an interview with "Kylie is really young, and I think there is a lot that I think she has had done at such a young age – fillers, Botox, peels. She has had her hips and butt done for sure."

Let us know what you think! Do you think Kylie Jenner has gotten butt implants? Do you think her young fans have a right to know? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for The Huffington Post]