Ashton Irwin Shocks 5SOS Fans With Haircut And New Tattoo After Breakup With Girlfriend Bryana Holly

Ashton Irwin is going through some dramatic changes after breaking up with his girlfriend Bryana Holly. On top of getting a new tattoo, the 5SOS drummer shocked his fans by chopping off his beloved locks. He even documented the aftermath of the haircut on Instagram.

It could be that summer heat was getting to him, prompting him to resort to a drastic haircut.

This picture on Instagram sent 5SOS fans, who loved his long, unruly hair, into total dismay. Some commenters wrote, “NOOOOOOO,” “crying,” and “OMG,” with one special fan saying that “I’m gonna cut my hair short in two days.”

Check out the selfie he posted.

It looks like the style that the drummer went for is the very popular and trendy, short-on-the-sides and long-on-top hairstyle. Luckily, he will still be able to do much of the headbanging with style.

Sounds like some people were much more attached to his hair than he was.

There is no doubt that he is enjoying his down time. 5SOS, also known as 5 Seconds of Summer, announced that they completed their most recent tour, meaning that the members will have time to relax, have fun, and settle down in Australia or Los Angeles.

As for the 5SOS drummer, he indeed has been having a grand old time, sans girlfriend Bryana Holly, going to parties, hanging out by the beach and writing soppy emotional texts for his fans.

“Sending some love out there, it’s been great to calm my mind after being on tour for so long & resist posting online for a few days,” he wrote on his Instagram. “Sometime’s we all say too much, having some song ideas again, I’ve been non stop thinking about the future and what it holds… See you all back on the road soon xx.”

He also recently partied with Guns N’ Roses, which is not a bad crowd for a 22-year-old musician to be hanging out with.

His dramatic haircut isn’t the only thing he did to himself after the breakup with his girlfriend Bryana Holly. He also got a new tattoo on the back of his neck, showing how free he wants to be.

“Drummer Ashton Irwin has celebrated their success from humble beginnings with a new tattoo laced with symbolism,” reports Daily Mail. “The 22-year-old got his new ink a month ago, but has only just revealed the meaning behind the black bird with its wings outstretched on the back of his neck.”

5SOS drummer also has been showing signs that he is definitely ready to meet new girls.

“He recently announced that he’s single. And 5SOS drummer Ashton Irwin looked ready to mingle during an outing in Hollywood on Tuesday,” reports Daily Mail. “The 21-year-old musician stepped out in an all black ensemble while partying at The Nice Guy in West Hollywood with his fellow band mates. Ashton appeared to be in good spirits while sharing laughs with a friend.”

Bryana Holly, on the other hand, has been channeling much of her energy toward her modeling career. She keeps an active Instagram account, which she floods with photos from her shoots, her bikini campaigns, and proof that she is having an amazing night out with her friends in Los Angeles. It looks like she is doing just fine without 5SOS drummer.

She has an admirable bikini body so she takes time to show what her ex-boyfriend is missing.

Do you think there is a chance that Ashton Irwin and his ex-girlfriend will get back together? Do you think he will reflect on the breakup now that 5SOS tour is done? Let us know in the comments below!

[Image via Ashton Irwin/Instagram]

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