'Fast 8' Trailer Release Date Revealed, Could The Rock & Vin Diesel's Feud Actually Help Box Office?

It's been revealed that Fast 8's trailer will be released in December, bringing to an end a rather hectic week for the blockbuster, which saw production on the film come to an end while it was also revealed that The Rock and, allegedly, Vin Diesel had fallen out dramatically during the shoot.

The official Fast & Furious Facebook post uploaded a lengthy post to celebrate the end of production on Fast 8. But the most important point of the post came right at the very end, when the "Fast Family" wrote, "All of us take our work on Fast & Furious seriously, and we seriously intend to wow the world again. We'll be back in December with your first look at what we've created for you."

Rather obviously the very end of this statement alludes to the very first trailer for Fast 8, which will build upon all of the clips and footage that the film has uploaded to social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook throughout its production.

It's been quite a journey from script to screen for Fast 8. After its seventh installment, Furious 7, was released back in April, 2015, and ultimately grossed $1.516 billion at the box office, it was quickly announced that an eighth film would follow, despite the death of Paul Walker, one of the series' most integral actors, in November 2013.

As the Facebook post explains regarding shooting on Fast 8, "We began in Cuba, visited Iceland, New York, and Atlanta, and as we head into our final few days of shooting, we wanted to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to those who have worked so hard over the past 100 days to bring you a movie that is going to be another incredible installment of our saga."

The post then went on to thank everyone who has been involved in the production from the very start of the franchise, all the way through its six sequels, and now to the 8th installment.

"Thank you Vin, who has been at the wheel since this journey began, first as star and then as producer," the post explained. "And thanks to all of the cast of the eight Fast: Michelle, who's also been with us from the start... Those who've joined our family along the way: Tyrese and Chris from Miami in our second film; Dwayne and Elsa, who came on board in Rio in movie five; Jason, Nathalie and Kurt from last time around; and our newest members Charlize, Scott, Kristofer, and Helen..."

It then emotionally paid tribute to Paul Walker, who appeared in the first seven installments to the franchise as Brian O'Conner, as they added, "And our brother who continues to inspire us all, Paul."

The post continued, "We extend our gratitude to our new director F. Gary Gray, producers Neal Moritz and One Race Films, writer Chris Morgan, and the hundreds of awesome, dedicated crew members who worked their a**ses off."

This post comes after a tumultuous few days for the Fast & Furious crew, which began when Dwayne The Rock Johnson uploaded a Facebook post that vaguely criticized one of his Fast 8 co-stars. It was then later alleged that the aim of The Rock's vitriol was Vin Diesel, and we're still dealing with the repercussions.

Diesel and The Rock have reportedly held clear the air talks, while Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris have both already uploaded posts that suggest they're siding with Vin Diesel.

But the real winner in this entire dispute might actually be Fast 8. Not just because moviegoers are going to be looking for further revelations regarding The Rock and Diesel's problems in the months, weeks, and days before Fast 8 is released, but they'll also want to check out the film to see if there are any suggestions of their problems. We'll get to do that when Fast 8 is finally released on April 14, 2017.

[Image via Universal]