'Big Brother 18' Spoilers: POV Players Picked, Have-Not Food Revealed, And Paulie Tries To Flip The 'BB18' House

Big Brother 18 spoilers have been action-packed the past 48 hours, and it looks like we shouldn't expect it to settle down anytime soon, either. The houseguests picked the POV players, and the competition should begin in the next few hours. Paulie Calafiore tells Corey Brooks he feels betrayed by the nominations. Victor Arroyo reveals that he doesn't want to blindside anyone with a backdoor this week.

Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate that Victor won the Head of Household (HOH) competition, and nominated Paulie and Corey. Victor named Paulie as his primary target but explained that if Paulie removes himself off the block after the Power of Veto (POV) competition, they will have to send Corey home. It is pretty obvious that their target is Paulie, and they put Corey on the block so he wouldn't try to save him.

Big Brother Network reports that the POV players were selected, and the competition is expected to begin in the next few hours. Victor, Corey, Paulie, James Huling, Nicole Franzel, and Paul Abrahamian will battle it out for the coveted POV and Natalie Negrotti will host the challenge. The houseguests are expecting to see the Zingbot, and Michelle Meyer is downright excited to be "zinged" by the Big Brother icon. She may not be so excited after she feels the burn of the Zingbot's insults.

Online Big Brother reports that the Have-Not food arrives and drama followed when Nicole found out that she was not "safe" from being named a Have-Not for Week 8. The players that fell first in the HOH competition which is Michelle, Nicole and Natalie are the Have Nots for the week. Of course, Natalie has the "Never a Have Not Pass" so she is exempt. The Have Not card reads, "Get to eat like real squirrels with the addition of slop they enjoy sunflower seeds and corn on the cob."

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that Nicole muses that she's not safe from everything because she thought she couldn't be named a Have-Not this week. She complains that she has to "deal with" cold showers all week. Victor tells Nicole that she "should" feel happy that she was granted safety because she barely escaped being on the block this week. It was apparent that Nicole isn't pleased that she has to sleep in the Have-Not room and cold showers.

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that Paulie told Michelle that if he stays he wants to work with Michelle in the game. Apparently, he claimed that even after she "blew up his game" he wasn't coming after her next; he wanted to take aim at Natalie and James.

Online Big Brother reports that Michelle, James, and Natalie develop a plan to throw Paulie off so he won't be able to concentrate during the POV competition. They want to make sure that Paulie stays on the block so he can't "weasel" and escape eviction. They want to bring up Paulie's lies and his plan to target Michelle again, hoping it will stress Paulie out, just before the competition begins.

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that James encourages Natalie and Michelle to go rehash everything with Paulie and Corey, and to tell them that one of them is leaving this week, "no matter what." Natalie wonders if Nicole knows how awful Corey and Paulie trashed her behind her back. Michelle believes that Corey has no interest in pursuing a relationship with her when the show ends. She admits it's a bad situation for Nicole because she appears to have "fallen in love with him."

Paulie believes that he can bring Michelle on his side if he stays this week. He whispers to Corey that their best bet is to get Victor to put Natalie on the block. Big Brother 18 spoilers hint that Corey believes they can convince Victor to take one of them down if he (Victor) wins the POV. Paulie disagrees because he is starting to think he (Paulie) is the primary target. They plan to try to get James on their side and convince him to vote Natalie out if Victor will put her on the block.
"We have to tell James that if Natalie is on the block against you (Corey) to vote out Natalie. We have to both stay in the house. Do you think James would betray Nat?"
Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate that Victor confirmed that he will not use the POV this week. He refuses to take Corey or Paulie off the block and has been crystal clear about his target. Victor wants Paulie out of the Big Brother house and hopes he doesn't win the POV this afternoon.
Joker Updates reports that Victor wants a final four deal with Paul, Natalie, and James. Paul told him to allow the alliance to have naturally; they promise to protect each other.

There is still plenty of Big Brother game to be played this week with the POV to be played and possibly used. Who do you want to win the POV? Do you think that Paulie can save himself? Stick with the Inquisitr for more Big Brother 18 spoilers, news, and live feed updates.

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