Miley Cyrus Or Gwen Stefani? Flavor Flav Can’t Tell

Flavor Flav Confuses Miley Cyrus And Gwen Stefani

Miley Cyrus shared a nice backstage chat with Flavor Flav at the iHeartRadio Festival, only the former Public Enemy hype man thought he was talking to Gwen Stefani the whole time.

After talking to Miley Cyrus for a few minutes — where they talked about past encounters and Flavor Flav even asked to get a picture with her — Flav walked away seemingly impressed with his meeting. He then commented how happy he was to meet “Gwen Stefannnnni.”

Luckily for Flavor Flav someone clued him in that it was indeed Miley Cyrus, and not Gwen Stefani, that he was talking to, but he still seemed skeptical.

“I know that’s not Hannah Montana,” Flavor Flav said.

But after a few minutes he approached Miley Cyrus again, apologizing for the mix-up and saying he was a big fan.

To be fair to Flavor Flav, Miley’s new haircut does look a lot similar to Gwen Stefani, and it can’t be easy to focus with a giant clock hanging around his neck all the time.

The iHeartRadio Festival made headlines for other reasons, The Huffington Post noted. After Justin Bieber’s set went a little longer than expected, organizers asked Green Day to shorten their performance a bit.

The request didn’t go over well with Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong, who went into an obscenity-laced tirade on stage. The next day The Associated Press reported that Armstrong had checked himself into rehab for substance abuse.

Check out video of Flavor Flav’s chat with Miley Cyrus (not Gwen Stefani) here: